No Relation

In bright eyes, lies the foundation of the future....

Oft repeated, oft believed, oft no scope of an argument against. So blind are we, we of the bright eyed litter that we hand the title of the future changers to the generations we've not even begun yet to create!

I have memories from my childhood that I cherish and can/will never forget as long as I live. They're not all pleasant though, and they vary in intensity based on when and what situation spurs them into my present.

These memories from my childhood are'nt always swilling around in my head. They're summoned by situations without my conscious intent to do so. It's actually rather amazing how a singular smell or flavour.. sometimes even a simple touch, can cause a memory (or many memories) from so many years ago to bubble up to the surface of my mind.

A couple of nights ago, I was on the phone with a friend. Sitting in my balcony, the stars winking in and out of existence. the moon hung high in the sky, therefore blotted out by the smog and roof over my head. The breeze lifting wisps of my hair off my shoulders and drawing them back toward the house. It was late at night, and it's been a very long time since I last saw the balcony as a place to sit and just lose myself in a moment. One memory gripped and enveloped my mind in an embrace.

Unrelated to that childhood memory, I wrote a pome soon after I'd hung up. There's no relation between my memory, and the pome. :)

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To a child, I'm more than who I am,
but to one with understanding, I'm more than nothing at all.

If you've ever held your heart in a hand, and walked the garden of wonders.
You realize suddenly one day,
that as genuine as wonder may be,
It is all you've got left.


e-mail Joke!?

Here's a screenshot of an e-mail I received today:

(click image to enlarge it if you're among those few who don't have a fetish for reading microscopic text)

Who on Earth would go through all the trouble of doing this for a joke?

It's funny, agreed.. But to try and make someones day, someone you probably don't even know, and never will either, some people really can be benevolent eh? :)

Embracing Sound..

DJ Tiësto - Bright Morningstar

It's been quite a while since I've really enjoyed a piece of trance so much. This time though, DJ Tiësto takes the cake and turns it into something so exquisitely beautiful and heartwarming. He just made my day!

I've been low and depressed of late, incredibly stupid thoughts have raked their claws through my mind. I've been a victim of my own violence and I'm just beginning to recognize that flaws exist in my own mind. They compel me toward mental flagellation and threaten untold destruction inside.

Then, I heard this track.. I closed my eyes, I leaned back and let the music wash over me.. seep into the pores in my skin.. I flew with the sounds.

I'm feeling much better now. So much better in fact, that I think I'm going to rename this my favourite track of the year. :)

Long live Tiësto!

Note: If you're checking this song out, use good speakers, or high definition headphones. Crank up the volume, lie back and listen to the whole thing in one stretch. Don't skip ahead! :)
Online and Alone....


A friend from college. Riding ahead of me. Plays the part of being my guide through uncharted territory. He leads me home, or that's his intention anyway. We're touching 120, and the needle keeps steady. Half an hour or so of the quiet hum of the wheels.

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That was the 23'rd of March. A day, I'm not soon going to be able to put behind me. But life goes on.
Day Dreams of Love

In love, with an Angel

Was cleaning out my cupboard the other night, and I found a huge stash of my early pomes.. I was still young when I'd written them, but you can see the disillusioned dream of what i thought love stood for, what it was, what it entailed. This pome explains a part of my vision.

I could'nt stop smiling at those good old days, when I'd spend most of my days and nights alone. I had no one to watch over me, no one to watch over.. And yet, those were among the best days of my life. Perhaps, even the best I'll ever have!

I hope you like this one:

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Of Love Lost

It's been ages since my last post..  And yet again, a pome do I bring you.

I originally wrote it in three parts.  The first two, on separate journeys to the photocopy machine.  (I hate the amount of paper that this organization uses up.  Every thing needs 20 hard-copies or more!)  The last two stanzas were written soon as it copied this stuff onto my laptop.  You'll probably notice the variation in the words, but read as a whole, I think it adds a little something that would'nt have come if I'd written it all in a flow.

I've been extremely tired of late, the stress and strain of the days wear me down.  Add to that, a new bout of Insomnia.  I've been snatching brief wisps of sleep, barely lasting an hour or two at night, and then crawling out of bed with eyes feeling like someone's thrown a handful of grit into them.

Any way, moving right along, try not to read anything into this pome please.  Try not to do that, and then..  and only then, slip under the cut:

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Over Stand

The Empty Whole

Written a few days ago... I forgot to note down the date. And though I'd intended to have this post up earlier, I was apprehensive and unsure if it was the most clever thing to do on Earth or not. Finally, I'm convinced. All for the best. One day, many millennia from now, someone will read it and be thankful for the joy. His friend would weep in sadness. :)

The Pome lies beneath the cut.

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Online and Alone....

The Sylvia Plath Effect

For all my female writer and poet friends:

Some of you have heard of the story of Sylvia Plath, some not.. It's a sad story, even if I may say so.
I was quite surprised though, when I came across something known as The Sylvia Plath Effect. Here's what Wikipedia has to say:

The Sylvia Plath Effect:

The Sylvia Plath effect is a term coined by psychologist James C. Kaufman in 2001. It refers to the phenomenon that creative writers are more susceptible to mental illness, though Kaufman's studies demonstrated that female poets were more likely to suffer from mental illness than any other class of writers. This finding has been discussed in many international newspapers, including the New York Times.

The effect is named after the American poet Sylvia Plath.

Although debated (and occasionally mocked) on many internet websites, the finding is consistent with other psychological research studies

Take heed O' feminine mortals, the end is nigh! :o)


A moment frozen in time..

A moment frozen in time....  Oh so many years ago.  I remember it almost like it was yesterday.  The main difference though, was the fact that I was a lot closer to the ground when standing at my full height.  If I were standing next to me today, I'd be able to rest my head on my hip.  (A ghastly visualization that!)
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Right now, I belong to another.