Angirasa Acharya (aka Jim....) (angiasaa) wrote,
Angirasa Acharya (aka Jim....)

Welcome to LJ!

A warm welcome to Karan Bhalla as penthousepauper from Hyderabad.

He's called Karan Bhalla at times, but people often shrink it to Karan....

For the first few months that I knew him, I kept forgetting his name and never used it....

We met by a freak mishap....

Alright, you earlier readers might all remember that I was hungout in Delhi for a good four years.... This dude, Karan, walked into my room sometime last year and we became friends.... We had similar levels of intellectual maturity as included, also a good working relationship when it came to burning Audio CD's. :)

We were Intellectually at similar heights, but were'nt Intellectually similar regarding our regions of intellectual soundness.

We both left Delhi at around the same time, perhaps leaving a few weeks after each other and well, we met up again in Hyderabad and renewed old relations. Now, he's on LJ and Hopefully, a part of us! :)

Well, here's wishing him a good stay at LJ, and hopefully, we'll get to see a lot of activity from his region of space. :o)

Kodies to you Karan,

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