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Inspired Post: In Accordance With Clarification Of My Self....

Welcome back people,

This is a dedicated post. To a person, an individual and a friend. One who has just recently started commenting in my Journal and the one who has inspired a post in his honor, Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome atharvan officially to the various ponderings of my Journal, Jim....'s Own!

Most of the stuff given here are in relation to my I've finally called it quits! and Living With Passion
Realizing A Dream:

The fact is that what I've said in that post, is really exactly what most people know to be the way it is. It's just that they don't find words to express their thoughts on the matter. Often what happens, is that when these kind of philosophies are simply a part of the mind, people tend to warp them theoretically and hence, misinterpret their own thoughts when it comes time to act in accordance to their philosophy.

What I attempted to do was to help these kind of people to attach words and phrases to those specific thought processes in their minds so that they know what it is that they are dealing with. and when it comes time to act upon them in the real world of physical reality, they are able to do so without that inherent psychological warping that would occur without a basic framework to hold it rigid for them during stress.

That's what I tried to do, to create that basic framework to support their thoughts with easily embedded phrases and words.... I doubt that I managed to actually bring about my dream into reality as well as I'd hoped, but it's a start and I tried my best.... :)
Speaking of Perfection and Perfectionists:

Being a perfectionist is a kind of a boon actually, but every coin has at least two faces.... (I say 'atleast' because unfortunately we live in a four dimensional world.) The good thing about being a perfectionist is that you are always looking for perfection and in that charge, you are always breaking your old barriers and covering new and unrevealed ground. It's a bad thing because the perfectionist is always faced with the problem of never being totally in harmony with his/her surroundings....

There's always something there to make him uncomfortable. For no matter how perfect something is, there's always room for flaws and a perfectionist can never hope to discover all the flaws in question before the last flaw is unflawed. Besides, a perfectionist has the added sorrow of never being able to define what he thinks is perfection. That's because he's always running toward that ever receding line of the horizon.... It just keeps moving further and further away and we keep running toward it like psychologically unsound beings....

It's a cycle and we follow it around and around till we finally depart, an unquenched thirst in our hearts and minds....
Reality in a Metaphysical light:

The first step toward reality is realizing that everything around you, including your life is just a means of achieving the best harmony among the existing forces.... Your life has no other means of propagation except that which you have so far lived. We're all patterns of energy, transforming in correlation with each other to balance an equation of cosmic proportions. It's all been proved physically, nothing truly exists except for in our minds.

When you say that despite everything, through up's and down's, through good and bad, you've lived with passion, I say you've understood what truly 'is'! You're in harmony with your self and your surroundings. That's the best way in my opinion. :)

You may be able to change things by exerting your energies, concentrated upon a specific target, but that drain of energy simply transfers your intentions toward the levels of the target thereby establishing a fluctuation, one that actually adjusts the situation in accordance to your choice. But then, it has to balance out and so, events occur, there's more energy transfer and there's a new balance, one event triggers another and soon, the equation is back in balance but with different coordinates as the variables have changed.... :)
Question : Ummmm.... Have I gone too deep into my own silly metaphysical representation of life?
Answer : Maybe....

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