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Living with Passion

Hello there My dear and undear friends and aquaintances, This here message goes out to every single one of you, But most importantly to some very very special people in my life. It took me a good four days to have this ready for this page, But here it is finally, here to mark out my heart to you.... If you think you're the special one, I suggest you say something to me about this, I need feedback see! Heck, even if you think you're not special, send feedback, I love feedback, good or bad, I apreciate every bit of it! :o)

So my friends, read on and please, "Lay your heart in it's depths", It means more at depth than it does on the surface. Bookmark this page if you like, You might wanna refer back to it, it's tremendously long and tedious, half the brains reading this might give up entirely, but in my opinion, it's worth all the trouble.... I love you, ----> Jim....

Life is a very rocky road. It's full of problems and un-descriptive puzzles.... You waste vast volumes of time doing things that seem to mean a lot while they're happening but once they're over, and you think back, you are stunned to realize that you have poured that respective chunk of your life down the lavatory. The later you find this out in life, the harder it hurts. Then, it feels like you have pulled the flush and flushed that chunk of your life down the drain. It's a challenge that one lives. I do not believe that I have lived what life claims to be.... Neither do I claim that I know more about life than anybody else, after all, who am I to tell someone that s/he is not living his/her life in the right way? It is a challenge. The challenge is not to let the life you are living, to grind you into tiny particles of dust, but to shine and polish you into a brilliant gem. Tell me one thing, is there anything in your recent life that you can refer to as anything even vaguely relating your thoughts to that brilliant gem that I just talked about earlier? Is there? You may say 'yes' but that would be a rather spontaneous reply and that would be the evil side of you telling you to say that. But set your mind at rest, think about this in peace and harmony and weigh the matter at hand precisely. You will be sure to realize that you have been seeing what you have been wanting, with your mind, to see.

If a person decides that s/he is enjoying him/herself, then no matter what the circumstances, he will end up convincing himself that he is really enjoying himself.... After all, what else do you think happens to drug addicts? It's exactly the same thing that happens to most other individuals. If you believe that a narcotic drug will have no affect on you, you will not feel its effect. Yes, if you let your mind loose for even a fraction of a second, you will be drawn under the influence of the drug. But then, you have failed to let your willpower support your belief.... It's a sign of weakness and it's up to you to really enjoy yourself. What is there that is so very different in your life and mine? What is it that forces me to think that I am living a life with more pleasure? Am I? And are you not? Answer.... Please.... Tell me.

If you believe yourself to be something, then that is exactly what you are! If you believe that you are really kewl, then you are. It is your projection of yourself that affects your idea of what you are to your self. What you believe yourself to be, you are. And there is nothing that I can think of that can ever prove otherwise. But, there still is something that grabs a hold of us from behind, and that is the projection of oneself. If you project an image to wild, you may and will indeed believe it but don't you think that others will not? After all, why should one believe that you are different from what you are? No matter what you project for yourself, you always end up slamming your true person upon the target audience. For a moment you might fool the unsuspecting audience but once fooled, the audience shall never be taken for the wild ride once again. It all comes back to the story of the wolf. But now, unless something is done soon, people will refuse to change their interpretation of your projection. It's not what you look at yourself to be, it is what you see yourself as through the eyes of someone else!

What you believe depicts and basically decides your actions and your reactions. Your Actions and reactions depict and decide your results, and these are the results, that when stretched out over a period of a lifetime, are what’s generally referred to in this, our physical world, as your destiny. Your destiny is in your hands.... Your deeds may or may not affect your contactees or myself, but let me tell you one thing, it is YOUR destiny and YOUR destiny should be in YOUR control! The Key word here is YOUR. And since YOU are the only one who can take the action, I suggest you take the initiative to help your self to mold your destiny.

I am there now and shall be there with you forever, at least as long as we survive on this dreaded planet. But neither I, nor anyone else can take this action for you, I can only show you the path but you will have to be the one to actually tread upon it. You shall walk and I shall be there to hold your hand if you should crave assistance. Even then, I shall assist you only when absolutely necessary, as I cannot lead you through each and every facet of life. This being because we shall be bound by the laws and regulations of the community we live in as also our own sub/self consciousness. Besides, I am under the impression that you should go as far as you can on your own and if for any reason, you should chance to fall, I shall have arms waiting (whether they break or not!). I have tripped and twisted my ankles during the many walks of life but I had no one to help me through. Yet, I made it someplace, somehow! You have Me! And that should theoretically be enough encouragement unless you don't have enough faith or trust in my faithfulness or effectiveness within my essence of what life should be....

Living a glamorous life rather sux or so I happen to feel and think. I think that life has it's up's and down's and both should be taken on a comparative par. I feel that it is but stupid to lay an unnecessarily immense weight on one side of the scales while the other side knocks right over and we end up having both the scales in pieces as well as displaced commodities. A basic Loss! What IS the use of living a life that is glamorous? It is not needed, it is not necessary and it is actually pathetic. You don't have to be famous to live a heroic life. All that you require is to have a goal that happens to be bigger than you yourself are. Our values are the source that submits to us all that we wish for in life, everything we seek out and search for, Everything! Our values are basically the source of who we think we are. And remember always, “We are who we project ourselves to be....”

Your fear in life might quite likely be commitment and loss of freedom. But hear me out.... You might not believe in life after commitment. But the key to conquering this fear of commitment lies in mastering a 'Belief' in the same.... It is a relative thing that can be approached from either side, as long as you come at it from a positive angle, you shall always smash your self against success. If you believe that you are free, you ARE and no one can convince you otherwise. No one! Look at me for instance. No one and I mean no one can ever convince me that I can go onstage and speak to an audience that's two thousand head strong and populated by thinking individuals. I agree that I can do it, I know I can pull it off well, but absolutely ‘no one’ can convince me to do it, No monetary sum and no physical promise can ever do to me what life has been made into for so many millions of people around the world. Conquer your fear, and if you decide you still can't, believe that you have no fear, Fear is the key to success but Truth and Purity are the skeleton keys to everything else. Belief instills this in an individual. And you, as an individual, are undoubtedly quite capable of it!

If you are the sort of individual who likes to walk around in a powerful state of mind that will have you on top of the world, bringing you great results you never dreamed were possible. Which I think you are, I suggest that you learn a few things. As I’ve said before, I shall clip here again, I can show you the door but you shall have to be the one to open it and walk through.... The door is here! It's the one that has the label on it that says in bold, 'GRATITUDE'. You will have to learn to show in satisfying displays your gratitude for the work that an individual might have done for you. Also, you should learn to congratulate people and individuals for any work rendered. It is a very good feeling to be rewarded by even just a smile. I would go to great lengths, through pain and toil just to share a moment of joy with people who mean well on my behalf. Even if their attempts at assistance might be laid into ruinous flotsam and lead me into the jaws of waiting peril, I’d smile my gratitude at their meaning well for me, however the end I might meet. If there’s anything greater than honor and pride, Gratitude is it.

Along the road to the inevitable end of the world for an individual, one, without doubt will have to fight his/her way toward the betterment of the self. You will need courage and willpower to see you grate your self through successfully. In the end, it all leads to a happy state of affairs, you are happy with your life (editors note: “not uncommon!”) and a more understanding, wiser individual who is better (editors note: “very uncommon!”) because he just is! Life is not worth living without a war, and in the end, it is a victory for your self and your life. You’ll need your finger both on the pulse as well as the larynx of your mind to deal, for your life, a fair hand of cards! The true warrior is one who has the courage to do battle with the enemies within.

Attitude plays a greater role in ones readiness to tackle the endless metamorphosis of life and its puzzles with a reasonable chance for perfection. The important thing is to realize that the facts facing us are not even remotely as important as our attitude toward them, for in the end, it is our attitude that really determines our success or our failure in anything, and that goes just as well with life. Preserve the right attitude and tend to it’s reflection of your self, the results might well amaze you, or they might not, In which case, I have’nt said anything here that makes sense to you....

One must realize that an attitude can go so far as to decide your final breath. It can even get you and your girl/boyfriend tickets for that premiere showing of the movie you’ve waited all those months to watch. Positive attitudes create positive results. People see hope in a perpetually “I am” attitude. If you have an attitude that says, “I’m going to die!”, in the Emergency room after a freak shooting at the local cowboy fate, You’re most likely going to spend the rest of your life in a tiny little cavity of decomposing air six feet below a tombstone. If your attitude screams, “I’ll live!”, chances are that not only will you live, but, the bullet would be found and removed from your flesh with greater enthusiasm by the Operation Room crew and your recovery period would most likely be spent in the comfort of your own home than in the Intensive Care Unit in the hospital. So remember you, that before people buy anything you’re offering, they buy your attitude - no matter what you’re selling. Sell lollypops to an anteater, and if you carry the right attitude, I can assure you that not only will the anteater be a good customer, so will the ants. :o)

There are numerable ways in which one might achieve something. But the quickest, surest way to do so is to concentrate on your target. One needs to focus. Focus on getting every last drop of essence out of your life. Life, it seems at first glance, is without a lack of mystery. Most of us live our lives out to it’s inevitable end and still don’t realize it’s potency. One might ponder over the meaning of life, but as yet, none who have tried have ever really reached any substantial conclusion. We’ve made our forays into chambers of light but have found, in the end, no real answer awaiting us, in essence, a dead end, to our senses of perception. There might be a reason, many even, but we have’nt the required depth to formulate a conclusion of reliable decency. In order to avert such holes of confusion, the answer is not in the cessation of our foraging, but in our ability to understand it’s underlying meaning.

One needs to focus to achieve any level of understanding or all that you see is a blurred image that you either make nothing out of, or distort into parallel inconsequential meaning. The focus is the point at which an object must be situated so that a well-defined image of it may be produced. And hence, the idea of all this is to depict the realization that in order to get a clear understanding of the situation around you, you need to adjust your focus so that you see it for what it is rather than for what it is not. If you can manage to master the ability to Focus on something, you will master that thing itself. If you can focus your thoughts, you will be the master of your mind. If you can focus your emotions, you will master your heart. If you can focus your creative attention, you can master your imagination. Focus is simply a matter of practice and with time and experience, you will be able to focus on virtually anything you set out to focus on. In the end, you are the master of everything you seek to be the master of.

Commitment is something a lot of us fear. Not for it’s undoubtedly predominant suppression, but for the lack of confidence in your own ability to comply, the fact that you have more to lose than gain. Commitment is not really that at all. Commitment is in essence, the joining of two worlds, not necessarily related, to achieve a swifter, sweeter, more rewarding conclusion that would otherwise be possible. To commit to ones work means to lay everything in immediate craving to it’s own devices and target a suitable end. To achieve anything means to sacrifice something else. One might well not wish to cut back on ones side attractions, but then, one must’nt expect to achieve too great a goal.

To commit to another individual might be one of the most mind-bending things people say they’ve done. A lot of thought usually goes into laying out long-term commitments to individuals apart from the self, and it is a good thing. But one must’nt wait too long or the chance to commit itself passes by and you’re left with no chance to make better the end you shared in your minds. Commitment and Participation are two words that have been slowly, and unforgivably, merged into one another. Commitment is not just taking part in an endeavor, that’s participation. Commitment is giving everything you have to achieve an ultimate end. Commitment is not just a word, nothing happens without commitment. It’s a simple word in itself, but it has a lot of connotation to its credit. Commitment is as simple as giving and keeping your word. To do everything you can in your ability to keep it. It might be giving your word to another individual, but it can also be giving it to yourself. To do your best, always. You might not feel like doing something, maybe you’re not in the mood at the moment, but that’s commitment, doing what you said you would do no matter what your current mood or feeling. To fail in commitment is not unheard of and there’s nothing to feel guilty about, but before you do anything else, just step back for a moment and ask yourself, ‘Did I quit too soon?’.

There are some things that we humans crave for, that we might try to suppress, but wish for dearly. Desire is the want of a human individual to have something, even if it’s success, materialistic want or the very human emotional drive entitled “Love” by our ancestors. To ignore what a man desires is to ignore the very source of his power. To succeed, you’ve really got to “Want To”, not just ‘wanting’ to ‘want to’ succeed. An interesting phenomenon among us humans that I’ve noticed is the object of desire. An individual might do almost anything to achieve the object of his/her desire, one might move mountains to wrap ones fingers around it and call it his/her own. But there’s irony in desire. Being human, we find more value in ‘wanting’ something than we do in actually ‘having’ it! As long as we don’t have something, we wish for it, we scramble in its direction - We’d do anything within our power to get it. But once it’s firmly in our grasp, it loses its value, it gets taken for granted almost, and our goals change, we seek out new desires and wishes or wants. It’s only human to want more and our minds, find it easier to focus on goals, by falling back on the defense mechanism of ‘Desire’. It’s what pulls us through.

Once you achieve your goal, there’s no real requirement for desire and hence, your focus shifts to newer prospective targets or goals. The purpose of goals is to help, focus our attention. The mind will not reach toward achievement until it has clear objectives and Desire is just another potent tool in our determination to achieve our goals. Throughout your life, you will encounter people who react negatively to your goals. But truth to be told, your goals scare the heck out of them! If your goal makes you sweat a bit, chances are it’s a really good goal - one that will pull and stretch you. As someone once said, “People don’t plan to fail - people fail to plan”. So true don’t you think? It fits into all that I’ve said so perfectly, it almost looks like I’ve written all this here to supplement this single phrase. :o) Plans are necessary to help you get from one point to another without excessive renovative measures. Plans break up large tasks and goals into smaller, more systematically and easily achievable targets.

With plans, one can focus on the immediate target, so, even if you make a mistake along the way, you don’t have to undo everything to start over, you just need to start over from the last target you successfully achieved. It’s like trying to swallow a large cheese sandwich in a single bite. It’s easier and less tiresome if you take it in a single bite at a time. Besides, it tastes better if you take it in a bite at a time - at least you avoid the chance of throwing up and making a mess of the whole thing. :o) One of the greatest advantages about having a plan is the ability for you to set up junctures where choices might be made. The greatest power a person possesses is the power to choose. If we had no choice, I doubt there’d be any need for this little message of mine, but I guess, since I chose to write this, we all have our choices and life is after all, not as simple as it could have been. We all possess the power to define, redefine and shape our destinies, moment by moment, with choice. We might have made good choice, we might have made bad ones, but in the end, they were our choices and we chose them. It’s what you make of yourself and that’s what makes us all individuals in all our rights, it makes us who we are, it makes us human, and we’re all alive, we just have to find the life in us to feel alive!

You have it in you, to see life for what it is, it’s up to you to decide what’s right and what’s wrong, it’s up to you to take or discard what I’ve said here today, but then again, all that’s your choice, whether you choose to take it or not is up to you. Even if I’d wanted to force you, I could’nt possibly do so, it’s not in my power or my best interests to do so, I leave it up to you, You have the power to choose and I ask you, only to make a choice, you have the choice!

The choice to live with passion is a moment-by-moment opportunity.
You will be presented with the choice again and again and again, throughout your entire life....
Are you Living with Passion?
If you’re not living with passion - you are not living.

You are merely existing.
Choose to LIVE!!

From one heart to another, I have a hope you’ll choose wisely, assuming you choose at all that is, and hoping you don’t back away, I leave that choice to you,
To a great life, to you and everyone else,
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  • Upping and Downing!

    Life is riddled with ups and downs. Most every 'up' is followed by a 'down', though sometimes, an 'up' is followed by more 'up'. The same goes for…

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