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Maaan! I've been busy!!

  • Aug. 24th, 2003 at 1:49 AM
Over Stand

A lot of people have been leaving me messages asking me where I am and what on Earth I'm up to. Well, here's a little something I was hinted into posting so there you go guys.... :o)

I've also been doing a hell load of work, Been boiling in some serious company oil for a while now, but I guess things should kinda learn to calm down 'n stuff soon enough. :-D It's also been raining off and on, cats sometimes, dogs sometimes and every once in a while, you are covered in animal fur! Life sure knows how to give you a payload of icky sh!t....

The other day I was caught in traffic. It was'nt really traffic as such, but whatever it was, the cars were'nt moving. :oP It was raining, pouring godly bucket-loads of water from the skies and it was weird. Such heavy rain that the windshield wipers could'nt push the water off fast enough to allow one to see anything ahead of him. I tried rolling down the window so I could get a view of the world outside. Visibility was down to about two and a half feet or so. Now that's what I call "Serious _RAIN!_"!!

A little more than a couple of hours and the rain stopped as suddenly as it had started and life was back to normal. I must say they've done some awesome stuff to the roads in this town, there was'nt a single streamlet along the roads after that kinda downpour! :o)

Oh for those who're wondering, yeah, I've changed muh 'Poonool' (String that Brahmins wear around their upper bodies to signify the pastensification of their adolescence.) as has been prescribed by the oh so famous religious teachings of our ancestors. For once people around me are glad to see that I _am_ capable of following tradition and religious stuff without flinching at the mere mention of it. :o) I've been through two 'Poonool' changes now and well, I hardly feel any the greater difference. :o)

Hmmmm.... Is that it? Well, I've got a humongous backlog to fix up on now, I'd better best be going for a stride around the community. :o)



sanjubaba wrote:
Aug. 24th, 2003 05:13 am (UTC)
Hey there...was wondering where you were. My brother had his poonal ceremony two years ago. It seemed really boring. I kept wondering how he survived it all!
angiasaa wrote:
Aug. 25th, 2003 03:19 am (UTC)
Re: heyy
:) Busy as life keeps me, I've been pretty much tied down of late.... I'm still tied down actually, But not as much as I was this past week. :o)

I had my Poonool ceremony two odd years ago.... and going by our families history, I'm a first to have gotten it done so late in life. It's usually done at around the age of 11 or so.

The Hindu religion swerves around the specifics thereby allowing people today to have their ceremonies done just before the marriage. But that's not really how it should be done apparently.

I've been doing the Agnihotra (Fire prayer!) ever since I was around 4 years old. I know all the shlokhas and body movements prescribed to perform a full fledged Hindu Katha. :o) And it would have been easy for me to have my Upanayanam (Thread Ceremony) done way back as a kid.... But for different reasons every time, I kept delaying it.... I never really did accept the fact that religion was important to me. I still refuse to accept that, but heck that's a different matter. :o)

The day of the thread ceremony is considered on par with the other important days of a Hindu males life which are the day of birth, marriage and Death. It's the only thing that Males and females are differientated upon the level of steps needed to have lived an accomplished life....

Whatever.... When I had my poonool put on officially, It was a day that changed me and my perception of the world around me. For one, I think I sobered down a great deal, like a willful acceptance of responsibility. It was'nt so much the fact that I now wore a thread around me but the little events that I experienced with talking to the millions of relatives and people who had come on 'that auspicious' day. I saw a great deal of difference from that day on in my psychological makeup. I became more patient, I did'nt overreact too much to little things, I calmed down when I was angry and basically, I began thinking about stuff much more than I used to earlier.

The thread to me matters not at all, It's just that fact that i learnt from that 'day' that made the difference I guess....

It's perhaps the perception of the people around me of myself that really made all the difference....

As to the ceremony, I hated it, but it was interesting.... For one, I knew what the preist was doing at all times, mainly dure to my indepth knowledge of Bhramin tradition and technique.... Knowing and understanding can make a huge difference in a situation than the contary. I guess that was mainly what helped me not bore myself to death. :oP

All that apart, I guess Observing tradition happening 'live' in front of me with me being the most important part in it for the while I was the be all and end all of all focus in the world. :o)

It was a humerous reflection of how much value people attribute to tradition and it's values, I'm no more a Hindu, but in their eyes, I'm no less!

I'm still not religious, I just know how to behave with people who do follow religions....

God bless!
datempest wrote:
Aug. 24th, 2003 12:59 pm (UTC)
"A lot of people have been leaving me messages asking me where I am and what on Earth I'm up to. Well, here's a little something I was hinted into posting so there you go guys.... :o)"

hmm sounds like some headstrong female suggested that to you, or maybe your just putting your readers on by hiding certain facts, and blaming things on other people.... hmm i think im opening my mouth to much...

Rain is good for health but bad for drivers, so do watch out :P Rain always starts and stops suddenly... I wrote about it, u've read the post on rain naa...its the same in all parts of the world cept Dubai :( ur lucky u see the rain I for one have a parched throat when it comes to rain....*starts feeeling dizzy*

Good to hear ur capable of following traditions but just dont overdo it....Ive had it with my mom going behind my back saying... "look baby ur old enuff to marry.. u know more then me abt traditions and u can cook too now....go get urself a good guy" Icky postion if u ask me. Incedently one of the most important missions of a NRI( Non Resident Indian) mother is to teach her 21 year old daughter how to make Chappatis( actually the earlier in age the better) and that too with blackmails like " what will your mother in law say when u cant make round chapppaties?"

Yeah guys are luckier... Im sure my hubby will be one who knows how to cook.. ill make sure he is...

Why am i rambling so much.... dont ask....

Any clues on whos waist u've been after?


angiasaa wrote:
Aug. 26th, 2003 05:57 am (UTC)
Headstrong female? Where do you get your ideas from? :-o lolz!

As to putting-on my readers.... :-D I guess that's a conclusion I'd rather leave each of them to figure out on their own. :o) Some of them know the story, some of them don't.... Some know the story better than some others and some of them just know me better than to misunderstand what I write. :o)

hmm i think im opening my mouth to much...

Oh.... Well, You can tell the people what you think they ought to know, or what you think you want to tell em. I know how heavy a secret can be, I've been there before.... Do I look like I'm one of the honest nice guys out there? Well, if I don't, then I guess this is the right time to say that I am. :o) lol! Haha!

Rain is good for health but bad for drivers, so do watch out :P

You should see the number of Dengue cases rising in Asia.... there's a rise in the number of fever cases and well, Malaria.... I guess I dun' need to elaborate on that. :o)

I'll watch out on my driving.... :) You can try to trust me on that when time favours the thought. :-D

Yeah, I read your post, and I even thought about it. What, I even wrote a reply to it. :o) You'll get rain sometime in your life.... sometime.... :o)

Haha, you can trust 'me' not to overdo the religious bit in my life. I'm one of the few people who follow religious matters so slightly, it's almost non-existant. Even if I do follow em, it's just so that the rest of society does'nt clamp down on me and make living hell outa my life. :-D

Yeah guys are luckier... Im sure my hubby will be one who knows how to cook.. ill make sure he is...

for the record, I know how to cook. :oP Not much, but I can cook a few things and cook em well at that! :oP My Soup is to-die-for! totally!! :o)

Why am i rambling so much.... dont ask....

You're one of the few people who actually do post to my Journal entries, Don't ever stop rambling. :o)

Any clues on whos waist u've been after?

Nopes. I'm not dropping hints here, I'm just stating facts.... some facts are okai to expose to the world, some are just silent facts which I just enjoy hiding. :oP The look on peoples faces when they can't figure out who what when where etc is a beautiful thing! :o) Hehe!

Best Ragerds, Thanx for posting and Kaydeeyoh!