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Maaan! I've been busy!!


A lot of people have been leaving me messages asking me where I am and what on Earth I'm up to. Well, here's a little something I was hinted into posting so there you go guys.... :o)

I've also been doing a hell load of work, Been boiling in some serious company oil for a while now, but I guess things should kinda learn to calm down 'n stuff soon enough. :-D It's also been raining off and on, cats sometimes, dogs sometimes and every once in a while, you are covered in animal fur! Life sure knows how to give you a payload of icky sh!t....

The other day I was caught in traffic. It was'nt really traffic as such, but whatever it was, the cars were'nt moving. :oP It was raining, pouring godly bucket-loads of water from the skies and it was weird. Such heavy rain that the windshield wipers could'nt push the water off fast enough to allow one to see anything ahead of him. I tried rolling down the window so I could get a view of the world outside. Visibility was down to about two and a half feet or so. Now that's what I call "Serious _RAIN!_"!!

A little more than a couple of hours and the rain stopped as suddenly as it had started and life was back to normal. I must say they've done some awesome stuff to the roads in this town, there was'nt a single streamlet along the roads after that kinda downpour! :o)

Oh for those who're wondering, yeah, I've changed muh 'Poonool' (String that Brahmins wear around their upper bodies to signify the pastensification of their adolescence.) as has been prescribed by the oh so famous religious teachings of our ancestors. For once people around me are glad to see that I _am_ capable of following tradition and religious stuff without flinching at the mere mention of it. :o) I've been through two 'Poonool' changes now and well, I hardly feel any the greater difference. :o)

Hmmmm.... Is that it? Well, I've got a humongous backlog to fix up on now, I'd better best be going for a stride around the community. :o)


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