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How To Choke Your Boss!

Okay, something you guys would perhaps find interesting for a change. :oP

I hardly slept much last night. Partly due to having been online most of the night (Which, by the way, is'nt really unusual for me!) and partly due to the fact that I was'nt online (Which, by the way, is seriously unusual for me!) :o) One of you knows the reason, but most, if not all, of you would understand it. :o)

I had to go to work like seriously early this morning. I've been assigned to an express project these past few days, we're working on a new Content Profile (That's Outsourcing Content Writer jargon for WYSIWYG {or WUCIWUG for the new technocrats out there. :o)} for the end subscriber.).

Today was the confirmation and launch for the first phase in the reality shift we've been working on at office, and me, being the 'authorized signatory'(?) was supposed to be present at the prize opening.

Anyways, that's besides the point, I got to work at sometime between 7:00 am and 7:15 am and was viscously robbing terminators eye impact with my own set of glow in the dark, red eyes, complete with accentuating black circles and all that jazz. :o)

The launch went off without a flaw, and rather than come back home and sleep some rest into our systems, we quietly went to our desks and got to work. It should be noted now, that I am not the normal kind of labourer in the office circle, I'm quite a trend setting individual that way. :o) I come to work at about 10:30 AM or so and leave by around 4 PM'ish. :oP

NEways, today I was totally sleepy, having gone offline only at 5:30 AM'ish.... And sleeping years later on and all that sad stuff.... So I decided on leaving work like uber-early!

Now here's the good part.... The way I ran out from office.... :oP

My eyelids were burning and all, and I could'nt take it any longer see.... After having taken all that for a while, I decided that enuff was enuff and I went to my boss, carefully accentuated my droopy eyes and said "Sir, just look at me, I'm dying, should I put that on the company tab or shall I just go home and let my family take responsibility?

He looked up from his papers n' stuff and then he laughed like he'd been bitten by some mad dog for a while, then told me to wait in his office for a bit. I musta waited for about ten mins or so, and finally, he comes back with some papers, tells me to give them a read and then maybe, if I had some good, workable comments on them, he'd let me go.

So I start reading this stuff and dead as I am, I fall asleep half way through. :)

I have no clue as to how long I was out cold, but he wakes me up after a bit, and tells me that I was asleep. At first I'm quite embarrassed and try to gather my wits about me, but I fail miserably. So finding nothing else of decent grounding to do, I tell him "See, is'nt that a good enough comment for the report?" To this, he laughed boomingly, throwing the occupants of the nearby offices out of their chairs, and I could see a few heads bobbing over the cubicle walls.

After a while of this eccentric chortling, he turns on his PC.... While it's booting up, he's staring at the screen and every now and then, he'd burst out into these tiny little giggles. Finally, he says "okay, you really wanna go home?" I say "Yeah, but not to sleep, I wanna go home and have a good time."

After a little bit of watching his teeth chew off the tips of his mustache for about half a minute or so, he finally says "Okai, thanx for the feedback but do come again tomorrow."


That was my high point today. :o)

This story would never have gotten here if it was'nt for datempest's insistence on my sharing it with you all. She was the first person I spoke to after getting back from work. Come to think about it, She has been the only person to have spoken to me after I got back! (Hint!-Hint! Where are all my friends?)

Any way, She got her wish as in I shared this with you,
My readers got their wish as in I gave them something crappy to read,
I got my wish as in I got to tell my friends that they're not doing much to save their souls. :oP
And everyone else got their wish as in they found a happy me today. :o)

Staying Godlike,

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