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On Religion and Atheists.

Here's an interesting article that was published in the LA Times: [Link!]

Interesting findings don't you think? But after reading it, I din't stop there.. I read the comments people had left behind. I was not just stunned, but appalled by the lack of intelligence involved by most of the authors, in the process of writing out their comments.

What the article tries to project is not how much someone knows about religion, but how little people have examined the religion they follow.

It's the distinction between say.. Blind Faith and Faith by Understanding.

It's merely a collateral finding, that Atheists know more about their previous religion and others, than people still following their own religions. In a world where we try to understand everything around us, and question everything, it is alarming that most of us as individuals following a religion, do not stop long enough to question why it is we even believe in the religion of our faiths.

I'm Agnostic, but I do not condemn religion. I've questioned my faith often and studied mine and other religions too. Eventually, it dawned upon me that I see more clearly, the world around me, without the veil of faith and blind following. I grew to understand my own beliefs and have created my own system of morals and ethics. These make up the actions and reactions in my world.

I've never been more free in my mind. However, I do still envy those who're blind followers of their respective religions and faiths. You can't undo an education, just as you can't un-do realization.

God bless, and Kaydeeyoh!
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