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If I was fat, I'd sit on all of you!!

  • Apr. 11th, 2009 at 1:10 PM
Some people have the tendency to put on weight even though their food intake is low, while some tend to remain thin and look like stick figures. There are also a microscopically small handful who can eat what they feel like and maintain a fairly well balanced coating of fat and muscle.

I'm one of those people with a high metabolic rate. Add to that, my insomnia and you have a thin guy who looks like two arms and legs made hastily out of hangar-wire.

I can't put on weight even if I really try hard to do so. :( It's NOT cool, and it's not fun. There's a stigma around the globe when it comes to fat people, but since there are so many of them (roughly 80% of the population in the more developed nations consists of the mildly obese to the super-heavy weights), they've become an un-detachable part of the world we've come to believe, surrounds us. There are so many people out there who are overweight, that they've become a staple in our daily lives. If you were to walk down the street and find no fat people, you'd do a back-flip out of sheer terror!

Being miserably thin as I am, has a different level of acceptance. Here's what I face every day.. When I leave for work in the morning, I'm usually focused upon by passers by, way longer than is considered decent. Once I get to work, he security guard says I'm thin. The receptionist who greets me with a smile and a Good morning (that sounds so terribly forced) tells me that she wished I would take some of her fat (not sure what she means, but it's gross, I know). As I take the lift to my floor, I'm usually alone, but sometimes, there's someone in the lift with me, and they invariably have those hungry eyes shimmering with restrained tears.

Once I start working in earnest, some of the companies partners and other random folk who I gotta interact with show up. This is not a thrilling time. Some have the sense to keep their vile mouths shut. But most of them can't help squealing (it literally sounds like a squeal!!) "Gosh! You're so thin!! You should put on some weight! Don't you eat any food at all? Eat something.. Have bananas and milk..". They have no idea how damn out-casted I feel when they do that. Even people on the over-heavy side do it without caring a rats ass about how I would feel. For gods sake, I hardly even know them!

If I saw a fat guy and went around telling them in a high pitched whine "Gosh! You're so fat!! Why don't you just stop eating!", I'd probably lose my job within a few minutes at most.

That's weight discrimination. :( And I hate it. I'm not complaining so much as letting fly a random rant though. :) I have met some amazing people. Some of them BIG, some of them small. Some of them huge, and less than a handful of the thin.

Why don't people get it? Fat or thin, they're people right!! Right??

They're gonna hate me for this one. :) Hehe!




ext_185999 wrote:
May. 6th, 2009 12:41 pm (UTC)
came here through subtle_blues.

i could agree with you for most of the post, and i will not say i 'envy' you or am 'soooo jealous' of whtever a plump/fat/obese/ANOREXIC person would've said to you; though i have been all of that except anorexic.

first of all, it isn't easy being overweight either. no matter how much ppl tell u tht, u'd never understand it unless u went thru it... especially in the so called 'prime of ur life'. true, there are a lot of fat ppl around, but there is always a proportionate number of judgemental folks around them too. what with popular media and six to eight packed youth icons today, it's getting worse. it hurts even though u know ppl r shallow. what really hurts is that u have a certain image of urself (self-image if u may), which totally doesn't match with the image they have of u. which doesn't matter in the long run (except if u've got a crush or are in a relationship with ppl of that sort), but is hurtful all the same.

and personally, i don't yell /snap back at ppl who ask me to eat less/go on a diet/exercise. i'd kill myself with the guilt, but then again, it's just the way i react to things.

which comes back to the point of the thread. u could be fat or thin, tall or short, dark or fair, fast or slow, white or black... it's about perceived normal vs abnormal! the film heroines of the north r forever on a diet, while the ones in the south have thunder thighs n a jiggly belly... but r still the darlings of the public :)
angiasaa wrote:
May. 6th, 2009 06:45 pm (UTC)
Ah, welcome to my space..

You touch upon a point most tend to miss. :) it's all relative, and more importantly, perception based. The grass is always greener on the other side, and it's no more true than in the case of the ever reactive song of self-image.

What people say does'nt kill me per se.. It's the fact that they think nothing of saying it that actually bugs me. Man is a social animal, or rather, man once was. Today, people have got warped images of what it means to be 'social' burned into their minds. Most everything's to do with surface phenomena or projected images. We're miles from where we once were, when the world still spun slowly, and people believed in the beauty of just being.

A tasteless sojourn indeed, but one that's true nonetheless. :)