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(Just got hurt.... My lower lip was designing symmetrical splashes upon the sparkling clean tiles of the bathroom floor.... I leant dizzily over the sink trying to assess the damage upon my lower lip....)

150 ml of lip blood collected in a small medical flask. :o) The bleeding just would'nt stop. I panicked and tried washing it clean, but no go! Finally, I turned cannibalistic and sucked on my lip. :o) Seconds later, there was'nt a drop of blood. I guess saliva has huge antiseptic properties haan. ;o)

Well, once the pain of seeing so much blood ebbed away and out of my mind, a teasing thought impregnated my mind....

(Scene: I'm bleeding bad okai, and there's this babe who figures she wants to save my life.... So the first thing she does is check the injury by touch....)

Me: Ouch!
She: Does it hurt?
Me: Oh No! It feels like heaven!!

I could'nt help laughing gorishly at that sarcasm. :o)

Here's something to save your soul....

So soft and gentle,
Your eyes probe mine,
Through the darkness of light I see,
Such beauty to beam around my mind.


P. S.: Read between the lines, there's more to it than just face value.... so engross yourself.... and dream on for I shall haunt your philosophy for ever!

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