Angirasa Acharya (aka Jim....) (angiasaa) wrote,
Angirasa Acharya (aka Jim....)

In love, with an Angel

Was cleaning out my cupboard the other night, and I found a huge stash of my early pomes.. I was still young when I'd written them, but you can see the disillusioned dream of what i thought love stood for, what it was, what it entailed. This pome explains a part of my vision.

I could'nt stop smiling at those good old days, when I'd spend most of my days and nights alone. I had no one to watch over me, no one to watch over.. And yet, those were among the best days of my life. Perhaps, even the best I'll ever have!

I hope you like this one:

" In love, with an Angel "

Long long ago, we met in a blush,
        a sparrow in the vicinity chirped....
For a moment, I froze my face aflush,
        my heart, in pulsation, my brain, it hurt.

A while in lovely shock I stayed,
        but the value of joy, I found unknown,
no choice in color, my eyes blinked plaid..
        So vocal too, did dry like a bone.

I blinked, I remember, I swallowed hard,
        I knew I was silent and slow.
But you stood there, watching a retard,
        a lonely retard, with you, aglow.

A prickle of a synergetic aura I felt,
        I could'nt detect the cause,
to be attacked below the belt.
        In purity, I obviously had flaws.

Yet, moments past and stay did you,
        I locked and relocked again.
Cogs afreeze in my mind due to you,
        a sweet, soft, sensual pain....

Today, I'm in love, and you are true,
        I knew it then, and yet I do..
I loved an angel, who with my heart flew,
        and came back to me, to love, renew....

Angirasa - 20020726

Tags: love, nostalgia, past, pome

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