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Stopped on side of road,
Parked under tree.
Got out of car,
walked into shop.

Bought bread and paid,
Rubber screeches on road.
Run outside in slo-mo,
In horror to check what happened.

The headlight bashed,
Peeled paint along the doors.
Rear fender ripped off, missing,
Bumber bent over backward.

Black car, red tail lights,
Zipping away in the dark.
Wrong side of the road,
Zipping like a drunk.

Cop an intersection away,
Professes can't find culprit.
Case in turn, registered,
My phone stolen from car. :(

Banged into shop-door on the way out, I've super-bruised my left arm so bad I now type with one hand.

Tally :
Repairs to shop door :   4.5k
Mobile phone stolen  :   36k
Car repairs estimate :   9k
Total :   50k!!

All for parking on the side of the road in a parking spot!
Horrible evening.. And I feel empty.
Most of all, I miss my phone.. 2 gigs of data, and so much personal information... Phonebook gone.. I upgraded my firmware recently, so I have a relatively recent backup.. But it's all in the past now.. Damn!

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Tags: accident, car, expensive, life, mobile, phone, sad, sick world, update

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