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Creativity - A Child's Mind

Being or acting childish is something I believe to be just one of many things that has a direct yet seemingly insignificant leg in the hatch to creativity.

There are so many other factors too that shoot your creativity to a high.  When one talks of creativity, I believe they mean the very process of creating through innovation.  Something that longs to stick this point into the mind.

The ability to think and process any given data the way YOU wish to, the way you naturally would in the retching throes of ignorance, is a shade of creativity that is worth a mention.  As a child, I would roll on the grassy slopes on the then seemingly huge hillocks on our farm.  We, (My parents, sister and myself lived on a farm on the edge of Bangalore as it was then, about nineteen years ago.  Rolling around with itchy blades of grass clinging all over my clothes and hair, screaming in glee, I'd tire myself and come to rest panting on the miraculously green grassy slope.

The days would always be so full of beauty, fun and joy....  Yet, there was a strange feeling of emptiness that lunged at me every time I'd be alone and was burnt out from the thrill of the afore mentioned pleasures.  I'd neither seen nor imagined what life would be like as a grown up individual, tenderly stepping into the vibrant gloom that we so proudly call society.

It's not a phase of life as such, you can live the life of a child no matter how old you might be.  The beauty exists still, it's just that over time, we've trained ourselves such as to guarantee our failure in being able to perceive it.  Some of us just recoil with statements soaring off into opinionated blurs: "Times have changed", "They don't make them like they used to"..  But I believe that this is all merely just a state of mind, Of perception.  As people grow older, They gain experience about themselves.  They tend to learn from their mistakes, Some of us learn from other peoples mistakes.  And some of us just make a huge big mess of whatever we have handy, whatever we hold close to our hearts..

But there is something deep within us that reaches out beyond an invisible existence and prods us into moving on, to discard our mental openness and stick to a world that is nothing but a flaming mix and blur of society and its induced (in)organics.

Most of us prefer to reach into the wetlands of the worlds pleasures and come back with the idea that we've been renewed, rejuvenated..  but the truth is far from that.  We're back, and we have discarded all that we chose to let go of before taking those minutely irrelevant pleasures.

We choose to snap back to what we have come to accept as _The Real World_, reality is just a concept that we create in our minds, it's not just our sensory organs that choose reality for us, it's our minds that choose the reality that we see and accept.  It's the closed mind that perceives the world that is around us.

We look at children and say they have open and innocent minds (hearts?), open to creativity, open to innovation.  Then, we look in the mirror, we see our grown/growing selves, and say we have open minds, but we admit nevertheless that we are increasingly creatively challenged with time.

What causes that creative, innovative mind to close with age and experience?  The answer is simple....  It's the society that we live in, the world around us, spoon fed bit by tiny bit into our eager and open minds.

The initiation is simple.  It starts off unconsciously.  Society was looked upon as progression among humans, and certainly we would'nt have ever managed past the stone age if it was'nt for society.  With society came culture and this progression.  But did anyone stop to notice that we've been tying ourselves into knots?

None of us chose to look upon ourselves in that way....

A child's mind is open....  A child's mind is free....  But when a child grows up in a society such as ours, I imagine that the very act of learning what surrounds us would be the cause of the total annihilation of the child's mental freedom.

What is wrong and what is right is hammered, without a second thought, into the mind of the child.  And what does that beget?  A new generation that is twice as closed to everything creative as the current one!

The thought I wish to set forth is that we all have open minds, if only in potential, but we have an uncanny inability to keep them open.  We shut the real world and its amazing brilliances out, blanket it by society and never stop to think about it.

Is the child in you still alive?  Or have you smothered it under the protective blanket of society?

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