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Fever is that feeling....

Yeah, been down with a tremendous bout of Fever. Actually, I got caught in the rain and i was damp the whole evening. I hit 104.2 last nite, touched a high of 104.8 and now, I'm hovering at around 100.4 or something.... Who cares, I'm getting better and quik! lolz!

Truely speaking, I rarely ever end up with see-saw temperatures, when I get it, I go like sky high and then fall flat on my face. It's the tiredness and the aches and pains that makes the after effect of the illness oh so dreadful! Grrrr!

NEways, I was working on a poster for a while, mind just checking it out and giving me some feedback on it? I'm not really that good a graphic artist, and I'm sure any inputs would be good inputs. :-D

Click here to check out Guywise!

Hmmmm.... Regarding my day.... Well, it was lousy. Fever raging, I was mostly tossing and turning in bed, feeling cold as hell under a couple of thick blankets and the heating turned up! The only thing worse than a fever is having to eat a large burger on your first date. :oP With all the insides oozing out at every bite. :oP

Uggh! Now that sure is _some_ mental trauma. lolz!

I shood' bea gud az nue bye tumorro. Baah! I hate _hate_ typing like that!! uggh!

By the by, here's to rvijapurapu on making it to LJ. Thanx brainz(who has stopped posting to LJ totally ever since he got back from Vaizag!) for helping out. And lihkin, sorry about that mental tension last nite.... Some things just don't settle easy, especially things that have loads to do with life and happiness. :-P We're even tho are'nt we? And trust me, you'll do fine once you crash land your ass yonder in da Yemerican sub continent. :o)

All else seems gracious, Alohamora to you all and Kaydeeyoh!

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