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Award:  To My Bestest Buddy

He's male girls, so don't get jealous.  :o)

It was way back in 1997 that I met one of the most amazing people ever.  You'd probably not remember him, but will likely find the name awfully familiar from my constant usage of it.  He's changed lives (okai, probably just mine), he's always been faithful and given me the best advice he could, he's been honest, stupid, caring and a great friend.  He's actually been a lot more, but I'm sure few, if any one's planning on reading and reading and reading.  :o)

He's been a great influence to my life, he's partly responsible (along with a tiny hand full of others) for the man I am today.

Happy Birthday Nikhil (lihkin) for all the joys, sorrows, the good and the bad, the pleasant surprises and the alarmingly intellectual conversations.  Oh and thanks for everything else that I've missed mentioning.  :o)

This kid's growing old!  He's probably not even logging into LJ anymore, but just in case he does, this post's dedicated to him.

One day, he'll google his name and find this page.  Who knows, maybe not this birthday, but one day, it will make him smile.  :o)


"The World.....  ....Is Round!"
- Jim....(with four dots)

This quote has special meaning to us.  The rest of you will just have to feel frustrated, ask me or lihkin a few times, or just figure it out yourself (unlikely!).  :o)
Tags: b'day, friends, friendship, quote

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