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A Picture Worth A 108 Words!

I'd decided a while ago to be more regular about making posts on LJ. Well, here's one more to make up those millions! :o)

I was making some changes to my Info Page when I decided to check all the links. That's when I discovered that someone had recently left a comment on My BlogCatalog Listing.

For those of you who hate to click on URL's, here's a reproduction of the comment:

Steph Said:

Some of the thoughts this guy brings up are truly interesting. A normal situation turns into a wonderful journey into a world that one usually does not even begin to notice.

Everyday things viewed from different personal angles turn into thought provoking experiences that really get you thinking about how much you are missing from your own life.

I wish I could see into myself the way this guy seems to be able to. I would love to get in touch with him sometime, but I fear looking like an ignorant fool. :-D

Dude, if you see this, kudos to you for the great insight, and keep it up!

Rating: 10 | Posted: Sunday June 1st, 2008 at 14:09

(If you're confused about the title of this post, not counting the Smiley, it's exactly a hundred and eight words.)

Sometimes, people see things that are either not there, or just not visible to ourselves. Either way, I feel extremely honoured to have had such an effect on at least one person out there. I never believed myself to be worth such words, and I doubt they right true. However, the truth to one mans mind may well be obscured as a misinterpretation of sorts to another mind. That's what I've learned from my years as a human being. I won't attempt to validate or invalidate the words in this comment, but I do however feel that this is praise unwarranted.

I'm certainly not worthy of this..
But thanks for the comment Steph, you made my day!

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