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Embarassment Embraced!

  • May. 26th, 2008 at 2:03 AM
The day was beautiful, to say the least. Woke up later than usual, was sms'ing someone I've hardly kept in touch with for ages and continued from where we left off like there had not been any gap. Sis and Bro-inb-law dropped by and we all had a good afternoon. I went in for a late bath, washed every pore of my being. No doubt, even an Angel sent from God would have felt unclean in my presence. :o)

Sis, Bro-in-law and Self decided to go shopping around 7 pm or so. So I tied my hair up as neat as I could, chewed my lower lip and when I was satisfied, we drove to the supermarket to buy some stuff. We also wanted to get some Ice Cream, but the flavour we were looking for seemed to be unavailable everywhere we went. We checked out the Video store, bought some totally awesome Mangoes and finally some Chips and some Red Bull. But that's not what I'm updating my journal about. :o)

Our last stop was at the local supermarket. Soon as the car comes to a complete stop, I jump out and rush in. Ice Cream at the top of my list. I make a beeline for the Freezers and snap one open. Brain completely absorbed in the frantic search. Sis shows up in my side vision and opens up the neighbouring freezer also in a search frenzy. Here's the conversation in hind-sight:

Me: I can't find it, Surely, it can't be that they're all sold out!
She: Check the other freezer, I'll check this one, you may have missed it..
Me: This one seem's empty.. Did you find it or shall I check the one on the other side?
She: I checked it already, but go ahead.
(at this point, I move to the other side and I feel a bit confused.. Not sure why, but I do.. More on this later)
Me: Nope, Not here..
(Suddenly I notice it in a corner and the frantic search comes to an end)
Me: Ah, I found it! It was hiding in the corner.
She: (Leaning my way to check what I'd picked up) No, that's not it!

I look up confused even more, and that's when it hits me! It's a total stranger!!

Me: Oh!
She: Oh!

I instantly ran out of words and thankfully, so did she. :) I felt so damned embarassed, it's not funny! Neither of us appologized, neither of us reacted in the least.

We quietly turned back to our business, me toward the counter, and she back to the freezers.

I've never been so embarassed in ages!

In afterthought, it really was a funny thing to happen to someone. I just wish it had'nt been me. :)


saiprasad wrote:
May. 26th, 2008 07:06 pm (UTC)
Somthing similar happened to me as well; but I don't remember when and where!
By the way - if I may ask - what was that flavor anyway?
angiasaa wrote:
May. 26th, 2008 09:32 pm (UTC)
Can't believe you could have forgotten something like that. :o)) j/k.. You've probably got more embarassing stories tu7cked under your cuffs. :o)

That flavour they've been advertizing a lot on TV these days. Amul's real strawberry something..

Gosh, I'm so not receptive to these TV ads! They should start off a subliminal channel one of these days for people like me. :)
sudeeptaspeaks wrote:
Aug. 5th, 2008 08:09 am (UTC)
Is it that embarassing or embracing or watevr the spelling.I mean if it were me,i would be worrying that the dude dint turn out to be a hunk or smething..you really must lead a quite life..
angiasaa wrote:
Aug. 5th, 2008 08:14 am (UTC)
I'm not a very social person with guys, let alone girls..

You would better understand the situation if you knew me better, but I'll give you a hint. :)

I'm the kind of person who's terrified of the opposite sex. The fact that I did'nt faint would stun a lot of my journal readers. The girl looked quite sweet, but believe me.. At that point in time, my mind had frozen over and turned into sawdust.

I live in a terribly small world. I hate it, but that's what it is, and I try to make do with what I can.