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From the ashes

Alas, The domain, expired and went unnoticed for a few weeks. Can't believe that happened!

Not to say people did'nt call to say they could'nt access it, but I was dumb enough to be supremely confident in my domain reseller.
I'd bought 3 years worth of Hosting space and 3 Domain names for the same period. Strangely enough, the space is going strong while the domains have conveniently expired within a year!

Any way, I just renewed, and modified the Name Server info with Net4 this time. 4 to 6 hours for reflection to happen, I'm crossing my fingers.
With any luck, you guys should be able to access the site once again by the time you get around to reading this post. :o)

My knee still bothers me, though it's well out of harms way now. Amputation is out of the question as it always was. :o) Should be back and ready for that meeting the comming weekend.

I hate meeting people (except an unnamed few), but I guess that's one evil I just have to deal with, stranded as I am on this planet.

Rekindled some old moments while talking to a beloved friend who I'd dropped out of touch with. It's a funny thing, nostalgia.. It comes to you when you least expect it, and sometimes, it can be so wonderful to the senses....
Tags: guywise, love, nostalgia, website

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