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Knee Jerk!

Ah, been a while eh!?

Well, I did something to my left knee a couple of days ago. Now it's hell just trying to bend my leg. walking has turned into torture and smiling while on my feet is next to impossible. But I try..

It's amazing, the way the human body is built. One tiny little thing goes out of whack, and the rest of the body automaticaly begins to reorganize itself to take the strain off of the injured part. There are ofcourse exceptions, but not for want of the other parts trying to cope with the new situation. A heart-failure for instance, or just plain brain death. :o)

But all in all, I have a new found respect for my body, and a heck of a lot more love now flows through my veins..

Thanks to a terribly painful knee!

The doc says it's just an impact wound and I should recover in no time at all.... Probably a week at the furtherest point in space-time.
I'm just glad there's no chance of an amputation in the picture. :)
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