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Fructalitically Speaking....

Yes, it's been an awfully long time since my last update.  No excuses though.  :o)

Over the last couple of months, I've been delving into parts of my self....  It's a strange thing really, because in an age when information technology and the Internet forms the nervous system of the economy (where once it used to be the post and telegraph offices), people have started moving so fast through their lives that they seldom even get the chance to stop and think about what lies just beyond their usual circle of coverage.  They don't even stop to check out what lies under their skins.

People, like animals have a raw connection to the world around themselves.  Interesting though it may seem, we humans have slit the tendons that tie us to the very reality that lies around us.  "The world is all about ME and not about US!!".  We'd like to believe that we're still human at the core, but the core is definitely not what we project to the world around us.  What we project is what we've turned out outer coats into. Spread the fur aside and you'll find multiple layers of Titanium alloys that refuse to let our insides out (For gods sake, don't try to picture that!) into the world that we _claim_ is ours.

We put on this pseudo projection of ourselves into society....  "I believe in protecting animals and fur", "I'm a vegetarian", "I hate oil slicks", I care about my environment", "etcetera"!  But what really goes on inside our Titanium Alloy protected insides is often not known even to ourselves!  In reality, If someone gave you a Million Pounds and a lifetime supply of Free Fuel for your Gasoline Guzzling Porsche, you most likely would'nt give a damn what that would do to the environment now, would you?  Most Vegetarians would chew a worm on FearFactor if the prize was good enough (that's saying nothing about the Media coverage you'd be getting in addition to the prize.  :)
What makes us indifferent to the world around us is not the fact that we're beings spawned from the depths of the Everblue, but the fact that we are too obsessed with the surface of ourselves and our friends to stop, think over it, and see things for what they really are.

It all boils down to Fame, Fortune and Fructose.  We want to work less and receive more....  But then, that's a natural tendency.  The problem we're facing today is that the "Work Less - Get More" funda is in fact a reality!

The majority of us have become socially spontaneous.  Don't think, Just do!  It's sad, and no one's gonna take a step back into history to save their devil souls.  Muhahaha!


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