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[MMORPG] A3india!!

Been subscribed to A3india since June 2006. That's about the biggest MMORPG in India with a registered gaming population of about 150,000 gamers.

I took a 9 month hiatus from the game and only played sporadically in between. Today, I broke the level 60 barrier and well.... Now, I'm dying to hit level 73.

I remember when I first started playing, It was hell just trying to survive without dying in seconds. Of course, I had no help from friends since no one I knew played the game. Today, I can hold off an entire Mob of creeps for hours and still live to tell the story. Of course, there's a helluva long way to go. I guess level 160 is the limit, but one can't really say..

My first target was to hatch my Shue (That's a little birdie that endows the owner with a boost on his skills and stuff.). Soon enough, I realized my Shue was absolutely worthless since it had no properties whatsoever. So I bought a new one which had some options. Unfortunately, my tastes change often and I've run through eight Shues so far. The earlier ones were pathetic. But let's see what the future has in store for me. :)

Just last week, I happened upon the wonders of a part of the game that I have so far been avoiding. Monster Races! :o) You can bet on these doggies see.... They run around a track and you can bet on which one will win. You can earn tons of Woonz (or Wz. That's cash, or in-game money.) this way if you bet intelligently. And well, Wz is mighty important! You can buy armour, weapons, Shues, Rings, Necklaces, and what not....

Anyhow, the entire game is like a complete ecosystem of sorts. As you climb the rungs of your profession, you become more and more powerful. You gain Magical Powers, Strength, Dexterity, Skills, and Lore. How you manage all the attributes is completely up to you, and that's where the beauty of it all is so evident. :o) The formulae that manage the balance of the entire gaming world is almost beyond comprehension. At the end, it all boils down to coolness. :o)

You guys might wanna check out the game sometime. Playing is absolutely free till you're level 30, so you have ample opportunity to fumble your way around and stuff. :o)
Need help with the game or having a tough time levelling up, I'm always willing to lend a helping hand. :o)

IGN        : Samangel
IGC        : Archer
Sign off  : Kaydeeyoh!
Tags: at last, digitalia, mmorpg

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