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First Post

Okai, I made the first post! :o)

First off, a big Hi to lihkin, he's been askin me to come over here for a while now, and now, thanx to brainz for the join code, I am online and in business. :o)

Umm Just off the cuff, I'm back from Meerut, maternal Grandad was in ICU see. So I had to go pay him a courtest visit. He's back home now, and he's got three weeks if things go bad to get well. So things there are settled as I see it.

I've been trying to get my webpage(more specifically this one!) in running order for a while now, and I've managed to learn the intricacies behind the (at first) confusing 'div' tags. It's easy once you get the logic. :o)

Check out the annecdotes if you get the chance, they're under the second last "Home" link in the menu. :P I have'nt made an img for that link yet so I'm reusing the home bitmap here. Bah! And yeah, I'm currently using sick .bmp's for the imgs on the menu so chill, they'll change when I have the whole set in hand.

They say life's a bitch, and yeah, I agree with that idiot who coined the phrase, she sure is a bitch. Things have been awfully rough around me of late, I've had problems, and more of em, oozing out of places I've never even heard of before!

First, my cellphone runns up a bill (7.5 K!) Then I have problems with my project submission. Don't get me wrong. Project el worxo but the silly bit about documentation! EwwGarGhh! Submission was on the 31'st of last month. Think I'm stalling yet? :-\ All this apart, I'm gearing myself up for the shift to Hyderabad. It's funnie how people tend to accumilate things! It's been just about four years in this blasted city (Delhi - for the uninitiated!) and I've gathered enough junk to derail a blasted train!

I've been doing strange stuff, My poetry has gone from bad to worse! And I've got so many to upload that I'm going bananas, kinda half way to the planet of the apes! (forgive the term)

Life's petty ailments always have a way of finding me and I've managed to get caught by a crummy cramp up on my thigh! (Thigh!!) It's too close to the groin to save me mental distress! The leading doctors of the planet tell me that there's nothing to worry about but a rick of the needle in my ever so cute backside. (Needles! Help!) But I'm not letting them anywhere near me! I did'nt mention the whopping kick in the groin they'll be receiving if they so much as filled up an injection in my visual radius or even stepped in my aura! (Gaak!)

Hmmm! these issues aside, I've been wandering through my mental pathways, looks like I'm not so unhealthily off, lol! It could have been worse than a cramp for instance. I think I've made enough torture of this muscle cramp ya?

*strange but true, a gal actually came up to me and handed me her number!! (There's no way to find out if it was her number unless I call you know. I'm playing it safe so I'm not calling! {lamer!}) Dunno what she was thinking tho. There I was, lethargic and seated back in my cushioned abode in Qwikys a la PVR-Saketand thinking about the contribution that specific gravity had in the evolution of life when I noticed a blur obstructing my molecular analisys. Snapping out of my jeary thought processes, a female decides to formulate herself out of the blur. She just says "Hi!" and then grasping a tiny peice of paper, she stretches out her hand and holds it in front of me. I keep up my steady gaping and she says "here, take it!!" going with teh flow, i actually take the darn tissue and (for some odd reason, don't look at it) keep looking questioningly at her. She turns on her heel and walks off like I pissed her off or something. I finally give up trying to make sense of what happened and look at the tissue. 'Tanya' (oh, that's who it was? wierd!) and a cell number under it. She din' look very much like a hoe (that's a pros......) ad I have no clue what I'm to make of it.... Gawd has a sense of humor. but if he thinks that this was funny, I'm sad to say his idea of a joke is off the mark and wierd!*

That's my kuffeur for the time being....

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