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Ah, another weekend.

Spent Saturday at the Times Big Leap Job Fair. We're recruiting like crazy (or trying to at any rate). They needed a hand with the process, and they pulled me in with a forced nomination. I hate Hate HAte HATe HATE crowds, and this was something I feared as usual. As usual though, I was thrown right in to the boiling pot and came out smelling like a used handkerchief! Uggh!

Any how. The job fair was'nt as upsetting as I had expected it to be. The first one I had to go for steals the cake by miles! I came back home with a splittion headache, worthy of a thousand and one mentions. Could'nt sleep till about 5 AM this morning (which was when I gave up and climbed into bed).

Today has been a bit more productive on the cyberabad maintainence front. I pulled psychog's pictures from the last LJ-Meet and uploaded them onto my server. Then uploaded them four times before I managed to get all the links functioning correctly in the album.

I reduced the resolution of the pics that I'd originally uploaded ages ago and modified the links on the album to reflect the same. (a lot of complaints on "Image size waaaaaay too big" and stuff.) lol!

I have also added the option to download the original pics directly from the server too. I could probably zip them or something, but figured it was fine just the way it is.

Finally, I created a new Sub-Domain for the cyberabad Pic-Page. :o)

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