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A live friend for a comatose fantom

It's been ages, and I've been pushed into work-schedules and time lapses.... I've been freaked about work and the mythical work-life balance seems to always find new and innovative ways to avoid me.

But through it all, you have always been to me what none other has. You reinvent yourself with fluid synergy you charm the world around you. Mine included.

You've always been there for me. A hand to hold, a tender word, a muffled sigh, a vocal smile.. There's so much more I've found than I'd expect from a friend. There's so much more than even that that's I've been given.

There's always more.. And I should know! To have mistaken you for a guy once, I shall always remember those first few candid moments of our meeting.

Warm greetings Nix, and a wonderful life of joy and heavenly tidings for you I do wish.

Happy Birthday (Albeit belated)

Tags: b'day, friends, friendship, life, love

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