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To an Angel

There have been posts in the past in honour of special people.  This post here today, is once again, to greet one among the elite awesome!

Well, through the good times, and through the bad, I've had an angel watching over me, to keep me from going under when I feared my world in agony....
Some of the best moments of my life have been spent alone, but shared eternally with a chosen few....
This post goes out to an angel whom I owe a great portion of my frankness and honesty to.

Having been a wonderful friend, a pillar of support, an ocean of kindness, a lone star in the night, a dove in a tempest, a smile on a face, a....  But I could just go on and on forever.  :o)

Greetings and best wishes go out to one among the chosen few, on this special day that holds more meaning to my world, than does any other.  I have mentioned in a number of ways, and often enough, how much I detest the mythology of the 'birthday'.  However, I do happen to cross those borders of repulsion a few times in a year.  It's rare, but I do.  Today is a day that I invariably make such a time recur.  :o)

I am indebted toward dedicating this post with love and endless warmth, to a large part of my heart.

Happy Birthday Nikita and hope you enjoy the wonderful year that lies ahead of you!

Warm tidings and Kaydeeyoh!


Thank you for being who you are, and thank you for being a part of my small little world.  :o)
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