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Sometimes, things I say, when I read them later on, or when people quote my own words back at me, I look up at them and think they are awesome. But when I realise that it's my own work, I find it hard to swallow. :o)

Happened last nite and I felt a strange confusion about my own self. Am I so off center that I can't recognise myself when I look myself in a mental mirror?

I'd written a line on one of my journals and was a bit stumped when I heard it being told to me later on.... When i found out it was my own work, I was all blushes and shrinking. lol.

I've been meaning to keep with myself, a book of quotes, a book of my own quotes, basically things I say that sound kewl n all.... :o) But somehow, I never really manage it.

BTW, I should be updating the Pomes on my website soon, I'll post in and update my friends about it here when it's done. :o)


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