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Slot-A AMD Athlon (Thunderbird) 700

It's strange....  Even though the AMD patented Slot-A type processors and motherboards have gone out of production after such a short existence.  Considering the fact that it's a very efficient type, it's not just odd, but strange.  It's just another example of mainstream inter-compatibility.  They released the Slot-A type processors in an age where people were just too full of Intel Slot-1's and other flat architecture Processing units.

Call it bad timing for AMD, or call it bad reception.  Either way, it's another good thing gone down the drain for the sake of inter-operability.  :(

Sad....  Just got back from scouring the market desperately for an FIC SD-11 motherboard for my AMD Athlon (Thunderbird) 700.  :(  Finally, I had to give up and give the old SD-11 motherboard in for chip-level repair so they can at least get the fans working.  I wonder if there's any other cooling solution that's just as efficient (or better) at a cheap enough price.  Any thoughts on that?
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