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Excuses, Rant, Anime and Manga, Densha Otoko, and Links!

Ah!  Well, It has been a while now since I last updated.  But well, as always (being human and all that jazz), there are excuses galore! :o)

I have been neck deep in examinations.  You have all (well, most of you!) been aware of the fact that this semester was destined to crunch dinosaur bones underfoot.  What with completing a six-month chunk of academia in just over two months and all.  Well, less than a month after our Mid-Sem exams, we piled back into the examination halls to grind our axes against refried paper.  The Final Exams came, tormented us, and finally left us wondering what had happened.

Our Internships were calculated to begin asap, but doom seems to follow me and my antigravatic (Did I coin a term there?) throne with the sincere determination that's more likely something that was wrought in the fires of the netherrealm (another coinage?).  Well, the majority of my colleagues (huh!?) have dug their heels into the soft sands of their internships, while I stray in humorless engorgement, into the valleys of the vela.

What tidings I attract!  So wholly uninteresting with just a little more than a fractions worth of sincere interest.  Anyhoo, the world's been spinning for quite a while, and though there's scientific evidence that it's slowing down, I believe there's still a heck of a long wait that I'm gonna be avoiding in destine.  :o)

Well, what has my past been full of? What have I been doing while I've kept myself so far away from the angular projections of my journal?  Do you ask?  Hah!  Say, no more, for asked or unasked, my words roll on....

I'm not sure how many of you are interested in Anime or Manga. Whatever the case, I suppose it would be a safe bet to call me an otaku to the face.  I have been a semi-die-hard fan of the art form since I was a kid.  However, of late, my passions have begun to swing around in previously unimaginable ways.  I do my own shopping see, so I tend to like goggling stuff to suit my needs and tastes.  Here follows a narrative of one such cyber-meanderation (I humbly apologize for the coinage).

I began with an investigation into the varied forms of pencil curves that define a marked difference between Manga and Anime. Google does'nt provide a cluster search just yet, so I was bound to veer from my original intentions.  Well....  So, I whack up a search for relevant info, but before I knew it, I was skimming over some rather interesting websites. It was by a freak of a fated chance that I stumbled upon a story that cuddled my heart into a well-defined thrill.  But then, most literature discoveries do that to me don't they? This _was_ different!

"Densha Otoko"

Densha Otoko (when translated into English literally means "Train Man") was basically a Japanese otaku (a kind of geek, only he's quite visibly a Anime/Manga follower).

It all began as a thread on 2channel which is Japans largest BBS system.  It is actually the biggest on the planet, but then, who would believe me unless gave them references....  Don’t worry, those will come shortly. :o) The forum that this was posted in was basically one dedicated to single men who drop in to scream out their woes and pains of being single.  Any way, the thread introduces the guy we call "Train Man" and tells of an astonishingly frustrating experience.  I am not telling you all about it, I suggest you go and read it yourself when you get the time.  It is totally worth it!  Trust me!

Knowing what the world today is like, it is hard to believe that a chance encounter on a train could bring love and romance onto an anonymous BBS. The entire story is a roller coaster ride through mixed feelings of pride, annoyance, jealousy, hatred, love, obsession and humor.  It is hard to believe that an entire community would combine their forces and strive selflessly to promote one mans love.  In spite of the fact that all the people who worked hard to help the "Train Man" knew that they were merely anonymous, with no name, and no cookies a the end of the tunnel either.

The selfless giving that you see in this story is absolutely heartwarming, and as you read through the posts, you begin to form attachments with the characters, all of them are nameless, so you don't really know who you're falling for.  :o) Most importantly though, there _is no_ villain or hero in this love story.  Unless of course, you take love as the hero and fear and anxiety and worry and innocence and introversion as villains.  :o)

Read it yourselves, and take your time over it, I'm sure you'd get used to the markedly different style of the content presentation, and you'd slowly begin to understand the culture that shows itself visibly through the Japanese emoticons.  :o)  They're the cutest emoticons ever! You also have some awesome Shift JIS Art.  Definitely worth installing the Kanji font on your PC.

This story has been so popular, that it has been compiled into novel form, there have been four Manga adaptations, a 12-episode TV Series, and a movie that was released in June of 2005.

What makes all the difference however is the fact that the entire story _did_ infact play itself out, and the 2channelers made all the difference to its outcome.  Densha Otoko is definitely something every net-based organism should read (AND DRAW INSPIRATION FROM!).


Yeah, it does look like I am advertising Densha Otoko out here, so I'll cut short on that side of the potters wheel or life and move on with some references.

You can read the Translated version of Densha Otoko here.

There are detailed instructions on how to go about installing the Kanji fonts here.  (Trust me, it makes all the difference to the experience.)

If you're looking for the movie, check it out at the IMDb

For that reference I promised, regarding the fact that it is the largest BBS in the world by far, here is the link. 2ch is so huge; the number of posts made there every day is more than the total posts made in the entire lifetime of the number-2 BBS in the world.  Shocking?  Yes, but true!  :o)


//update: warning: _No_ comments will be screened on this post. :)
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