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LJ cyberabad Meet Update!

  • Apr. 26th, 2005 at 11:22 PM
Over Stand
Caution: This post was written a long time ago. The prototype was up for a few select LJ'ers on Sunday, the 17'th of April. Anyhow, the post was never completed. Don't wait for the rest! I'll never complete it!

Okai, Here's another day in the history of muah!

Last evening, the evening of the 16'th of April, 2005, we had an LJ-cyberabad-Meet.
The meet was something special in a sense, even though the turnover was awfully lower than predicted.
One of the main thoughts was the fact that this, being a reflectorial meet and all, we'd have a lot of members wishing to pose witness to the handing over.
The community was handed over, by angiasaaMyself, teemus, and sharat to nash_da_basher.

As of the current date, nash_da_basher will be the Sole Moderator of cyberabad, along with brainz who shall serve as no more than a backup-Mod and ofcourse, he can't help it, he's the creator of the community in the first place. Still, he won't have anything to do with the moderation of the community, that will ne handled completely by nash_da_basher.

That was the highlight of the meet NEways....

Comming to what all happened at the meet, here's the highlights:

5:15 pm, mrsgollum turns up and waits patiently for the gang to arrive.
5:39 pm, angiasaaI turn up, having driven through terrible traffic at my end of the town and all that jazz, Got there in 20 minutes and am still proud of myself. lol!
the rest is ofcourse, pointless to set out chronologically. lol!

nash_da_basher was next to come barrelling into the meet. stanz followed close behind. The status quo seemed to remain static for a pretty long while but soon, we started getting the rough up's of the crew. saiprasad and namus dropped in like twins, so all was kewl and stuff. pinak popped up just when I called him to see how far he was from the venue. :o)

sharat and rajini_priya turned up together, and boy, was I gald to see them! :o) You rock guys!!
Oh, and guess what! angiasaaI called sharat to check on his progress toward making it to the meet. Simultaneously, pinak who was sitting beside me received a phone call from rajini_priya. And I could hear talking through sharat's phone and he could hear pinak's voice over mine. :o) It was only then that we'd realized that we'd called each other in a loop. :o)

teemus turned up after rajini_priya da bombshell and sharat made their grand entries. Though he said he'd drop by late, he sure as hell surprised me by turning up a good half hour before he said he would. :o)

asmishra followed in after teemus and though the plan was for him to come by way earlier, I guess it was quite good to have yet another new-member comming to a meet. :o)

shoan was last of the Mohicans, and of all the things in the world, he forgot to fetch along his card-reader. Grrr!
Oh, by the way, for those of you who's been wondering where the pictures for the last two meets are, shoan is the guy to be murdered on the issue. :o) They're hosted on http://www.Shoan.net, but he's very conveniently left the main page saying "Under Construction" or something equally unproductive. :o)

Now, nash_da_basher and angiasaaI were both interested in warming up our tummies, so the first thing we did was to order ourselves some fd!

I never got around to finishing off the proceeds of the meet. For that, you guys'll have to perhaps wait forever. Or longer! :o) For now though, my appologies, Time!! The rest of this post was taking so long to get written that I figured it's better to be incomplete than late. :o)

This here is my first incomplete post! Yay!



shandeegoddess wrote:
Apr. 26th, 2005 06:06 pm (UTC)
Yay for incomplete posts :p I could never do that you know. I can't even post a single post without planning it out perfectly, paragraph by paragraph beforehand :p
Shandee ♥
angiasaa wrote:
Apr. 26th, 2005 06:11 pm (UTC)
lol! I always write on the fly.... I've been working on increasing my typing speed for the same reason, I tend to think tons faster than I can type. My current keyboard top-speed record lies at about 130 words per minute. Not bad, I'd most likely get hired as a secretary someplace for my skills. lol! :o) The current mandate for secretary typing speed is at 80 words per minute. :o) I better that by a mile. :o)

Still, nothing could possibly beat making up the flow of the content while you're actually typing it. I'm by nature, a very impatient person, I've told you so before a thousand times. I balance my life. When I'm with other people, I try not to show my impatience. But when I'm with myself, I give up. Totally! :o)

I channel it all into my fingers and let the keyboard handle the brunt of my attack. lol!

ma7ur wrote:
Apr. 26th, 2005 06:12 pm (UTC)
shuldn't this go on cyberabad?
angiasaa wrote:
Apr. 26th, 2005 06:14 pm (UTC)
Try clicking on cyberabad or just click this, you'll see the connecting post there.... :o)
ma7ur wrote:
Apr. 26th, 2005 06:15 pm (UTC)
oops! 4got 2 refresh my frnds page...
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preets wrote:
Apr. 27th, 2005 07:26 am (UTC)
hey you didnt mention about the "maha chaat bhandar"!?
angiasaa wrote:
Apr. 27th, 2005 08:54 am (UTC)
Ummm.... I stopped writing the post as soon as I began writing about the events that came to be during the meet. It commenced with myself and nash_da_basher (who was'nt Full Mod at the time), ordering food. :o)

Infact, He ordered a Chicken Sub and I ordered a Chicken Wrap.

The rest of the meet followed closely on our heels and the Maha Raja Chaat session was the last event before conclusion. Infact, most of us dispersed once we finished with our chaat there. :o)

*just curious*
BTW, how come you knew of the Chaat affair? :o)
preets wrote:
Apr. 27th, 2005 09:02 am (UTC)
Re: Whoa!
*buwahahahahahaa* am omniscient my friend. :p
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pinak wrote:
Apr. 27th, 2005 06:53 pm (UTC)
rajini_priya da bombshell
WHATT!? r u bliind?... shez a caterpillar shit licker with a rodent like face and a rotten veggie like body!
angiasaa wrote:
Apr. 28th, 2005 10:59 am (UTC)
Oh.... :-o

When you put it thaaaaaat way.... :o)

Still, figured I'd use her as an attraction. :) Maybe we'll get more members comming to meets if I use rajini_priya as leverage.

gavarilo wrote:
Apr. 28th, 2005 02:19 pm (UTC)
hahaha....you should'nt have let the secret out then....i missed the meet...i really wanted to make it :( ....it was rainin there right?...the weather was awsome ( not the reason why i missed it..)
(no subject) - angiasaa - Apr. 28th, 2005 02:48 pm (UTC)
(no subject) - (Anonymous) - May. 1st, 2005 11:42 pm (UTC)
angiasaa wrote:
May. 2nd, 2005 02:29 pm (UTC)
Hello Ada!!
Hey Ada!

Lovely to see you back here again! :o) Even though you did'nt enjoy the trip as much as you might have, I guess it was a good thing. At least it brought back some memories and that's a good thing. :o)

It would be great to meet Nick as well, if he comes along too, I'm sure he'd find a lot to wonder over here in India. :o) Yes, I'm part Christian, and part Hindu. But either way, I'm currently Agnostic and don't really follow any specific religion except for what I consider right and wrong and the way to do things. It's strange how much we have all changed.... And yet, we still remember who we were and who we are.... The past always fades out of our minds with the passage of time, and memories might become dull, but at the end, we remember that we are changed and we are now different.

That donation bit in your comment scared me a bit.... What was that about? Your questioning of 'good' is a positive sign, I believe that we all, at some time or another, pose questions about things that others take as obvious or unquestionable.... Yet, it is beautiful to learn, from ones own questioning, the internal angle on the matter. :o) It shows that we can still grow.... :o)

It's good to hear the memories are returning. That's definitely a good thing! :o) As to why that happens, it's difficult to explain, but it's something that is stuck in our minds that stops the recollection. and we have to work around it before we can get it all out. It's the only way, but it always works as long as we have patience. :)

I'm doing well out here, but am often extremely tired after a day's work.... I'm cutting down dramatically on smoking also and I guess that's a good thing too. :)

Have you named the kittens already? And how's the little goat rabbit doing?

Warm regards and F.F.E.A.E.,

P.S.: Google was down for a short while, but it's working well now. http://www.google.com was facing problems with international access, but local Google sites were accessible. You should try accessing it via this link. And yes, My link is facing problems due to the URL pointer.... I'll see what I can do about it temporarily.... :)
alexli wrote:
May. 2nd, 2005 09:19 pm (UTC)
Re: Hello Ada!!
yeah thanks about the google link. tho i found out that when access it via livejournal it actually works... :)
my mood again today is bliah to put it positively.
anyway because of that that is just a quick note.
i am kind of thinking of what to study next year, and i have settled between, graphic design, 3D animation design, stage design or "social servant" I don't know how exactly it is called or if you know of such a job. but it is something like a consoler, psychologist-teacher but strictly for people with psychologica malformations.. (eg down syndrome), drug addicts, prisoners or such. I want the children...so how do you think? which do you like better for me? not that i can choose by asking...
angiasaa wrote:
May. 6th, 2005 02:47 pm (UTC)
Re: Hello Ada!!
Graphic Design and 3D-Animation are both wonderful fields, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. In the begining, I've heard that it's not very easy, but as time goes on, and the fundemantals are in place, it will be a lot of enjoyment. :o) I myself am into Graphic Design and Image Manipulation. I specialize in Human faces. :) I think I'll make an animated image and put it up on my journal one of these days. :)

I like your intention to try your hand at being a psychologist-teacher. It's a good idea and it will teach you a lot as well.

Hope you make a good choice, my prayers are with you.