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  • Jun. 20th, 2003 at 4:52 AM
Mindless Moments
Holy LAN-Parties!

Yesterday was the day we slept finally. A LAN Party I'll never forget. We had Unreal Tournament and Counter Strike and Red Alert, all of them Amazing!!

Four Head on battlers, treating each other to fire laden launchers and snipe victims! God must have wondered who the curses were meant for. :-)

There was lihkin, sharat and brainz for the party. Ofcourse, there was the ever crazee angiasaa to take the blame for cutting off lihkin's computer from the power lines a couple of times. But all in all, I think we made some really good fun of the whole picture. :o)

The day started at 8:00 pm for me, lihkin and brainz started earlier, around 6:30 pm if I'm not too dearly mistaken.... Half the night, we spent riding around town finding Cables, Connectors and a Crimp! The other half was to fetch CK (who crimped our connectors very sweetly to our cables) he was also at the Party for a while. But pity be as it is, he could'nt stay long enough to be killed in rapid succession after respawning so often, God could have had a heart attack! And then, at a need for sustainance, we (aka brainz and Myself) decided to fetch some food from Paradise. Paradise was freshly out of nudelj (Noodles aka Chowmein). We decided on Barista but the junk there was holy expensive!! Finally, we decided to go fetch sharat from his place, (He's the rich guy with the 17" monitor and the gawd awesome looking thinkgeek Tee! :o) )

One homerun later, we connect the computers into a good ol' network and lihkin, brainz and myself go off to Hotel Green Park to catch a bite at their Oh So Famous "Midnight Biriyani". It was a lousy treat!

First off, we reach there and the waiter says "Food's out!" we see food still around on the buffet tables and another waiter says "Sure, but only the Vegetarian Biriyani...." We say it'll do, and grab our plates and hungry as we were, lifted shovel fulls of Veg-Biriyani! loades our plates, we had each a plateful of Biriyani, Raita (A blend of Yogurt, onions, some green things {a variety of green vegatables I believe} and some tomatoes squared and rectangulated), Mirchi ka Salan (a dish prepared with an aewsome Hyderabadi© Explosive Chillis. It's a Salan of Mirchis that's Chillis. In this case, ultra super hot!), some kewl salad, with carrots and cucumbers both with grilled holes through them, and a couple of other things I don't recollect now.... The first waiter comes back and tell s up that the place is shutting down adn we'd better hurry up and eat cause that's the last helping on our plates. We later realise that There's still food on the buffet tables and we can eat more, having wolfed down our tremendous first helpings, we move back adn re-fill our plates. A second round later, we realise that having wolfed down the food the way we did, we'd hardly been able to fill ourselves with food, more air and vapour than actual food constituents! Yuk. At about 550 INR, it was a meal we should have had at Barista NEways. :oP

We get back all bloated and tummy heavy, get back to our computers and begin the saga. lihkin or brainz will o the honors of minuting the LAN Party, so I think I'll grab my armfull of sleep now. More on this later.... :o)


To whoever is the LAN God, Kaydeeyoh to you too!


angiasaa wrote:
Jun. 20th, 2003 12:34 pm (UTC)
Re: Of meltdowns and crashes
I tried the campaigns!

was good till I played the same darn third goof about eight times! kept smashing the wrong nuclear silo. The Russians are gooooood!! But I think I like the allied forces. :P some sodden memories with myself, brainz, lihkin and sharat at da LAN Party kinda keeps me to the allied troopers in C&C. :P

I'm just waiting for the next LAN Party to screw the world! :P
Tanya! Ever seen her shoot dope with double barrels? :oP


P.S.: I hater those dratted Tesla coils! They've sure shown me how much ass they can wipe out in one blasted frenzy! I need a better strategy! On to you sharat, Next LAN Party when I find a proper normalization for them tesla coils! ;o)