April 6th, 2009


No Relation

In bright eyes, lies the foundation of the future....

Oft repeated, oft believed, oft no scope of an argument against. So blind are we, we of the bright eyed litter that we hand the title of the future changers to the generations we've not even begun yet to create!

I have memories from my childhood that I cherish and can/will never forget as long as I live. They're not all pleasant though, and they vary in intensity based on when and what situation spurs them into my present.

These memories from my childhood are'nt always swilling around in my head. They're summoned by situations without my conscious intent to do so. It's actually rather amazing how a singular smell or flavour.. sometimes even a simple touch, can cause a memory (or many memories) from so many years ago to bubble up to the surface of my mind.

A couple of nights ago, I was on the phone with a friend. Sitting in my balcony, the stars winking in and out of existence. the moon hung high in the sky, therefore blotted out by the smog and roof over my head. The breeze lifting wisps of my hair off my shoulders and drawing them back toward the house. It was late at night, and it's been a very long time since I last saw the balcony as a place to sit and just lose myself in a moment. One memory gripped and enveloped my mind in an embrace.

Unrelated to that childhood memory, I wrote a pome soon after I'd hung up. There's no relation between my memory, and the pome. :)

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To a child, I'm more than who I am,
but to one with understanding, I'm more than nothing at all.

If you've ever held your heart in a hand, and walked the garden of wonders.
You realize suddenly one day,
that as genuine as wonder may be,
It is all you've got left.