August 21st, 2007

Sly Smile

[MMORPG] A3india!!

Been subscribed to A3india since June 2006. That's about the biggest MMORPG in India with a registered gaming population of about 150,000 gamers.

I took a 9 month hiatus from the game and only played sporadically in between. Today, I broke the level 60 barrier and well.... Now, I'm dying to hit level 73.

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Birthday Greetings

For a long time, I've lived my life thinking that people were just born dumb and stayed stupid.  But there are those who are not, and this post if dedicated to one of them.

There have been days of utter disappointment and frustration that I've lived through.  There have been days of confusion and doubt.  But there's one person I'd like to smile at and say "Thanks for beeing there through it all!"

I don't believe in birthdays myself (read: This post) but then, she does.  :o)  It's her birthday today, so say hello to her, and while you're at it, you might as well post in your condolences.  :o)

Thanks for being who you are, a rough diamond, but alas, who wants the shiny ones eh?  :o)

Here's wishing subtle_blues a Wonderful Birthday!
And I hope it's a special one too!


Warning:  No Screening on this post!