April 2nd, 2005

Wild Laugh

Meet Update!

Un-official as it was, todays meet seems to have been a shade off key.

First off, We had a nice surprise with profound_1 (aka Apsara) turning up for the meet.
She's working in a media company called CBN.

I turned up later than usual, The main reason being that I was trying to park the car. Something was dreadfully wrong with the traffic on the roads today! Yuk! When I did turn up finally, stanz was chewing on some (ghastly looking) so called edible stuff. :o) profound_1 and subtle_blues were already sitting around him, possibly wondering if we'd played a late April prank on them about having a meet.

(*gets wicked idea for Next years 1'st of April!*) *chuckle! chuckle!*

Moving right along, I began my attempts to shrug off my discomfort. It's not a common thing to meet two new people over two meets, and this was definitely unnerving for me. (Dunno what I'm talking about? How sick! Go figure me out from angiasaaMy_Journal_By_Clicking_Here! Grrr!) Enough Advertising, My apologies! lol!
NEways, to continue with the story, I stalled around a bit and finally, I guess my discomfort began to ebb aside. nash_da_basher, who had called me while I was calling him from the Airport flyover to tell him that I'd be late and told me he was going to be later still, finally turned up.

The lucky muffin actually got space to park, can you believe that? :-o
So, he turns up, apologizes and as usual, lashes us with his brilliant smile and we've all forgiven him. Temporary sanity prevails once again.

With the slow passage of time, our co-moderator, teemus turns up. Fascinating chap this. He's got these rose-tinted shades balanced on his nose, and he's looking hairier than the last frozen woolly mammoth from the Ice Age.

Introduction round winds it's way around the gathering, and we're back to stabilizing the flow of conversation. A round of liquid refreshments, a ton of calls made, life goes on they say. People say "Yeah, I'll be coming!" but do they turn up? Hah! But sweat we do not, new member profound_1 shows us her ID-Card and huddling together like Eskimos around a bonfire, we google around with it. Media is awesome! ;o)

pinak sacrificed his expected turning up for the cyberabad LJ-Meet, in exchange for getting totally drunk at some graduation party. :o) Congrats on that go out to uncle pinak BTW. :o)

brainz said he would most likely turn up around 8'ish something. :o) For some reason, we knew that day was'nt coming soon. :o) We missed you dude. lol!

vandyvandana was, as she said, with her tutor. (most probably, of the male species, we believe.) We don't doubt her truthfulness, but do we trust her with him/her? Heh! More on that after the next meet. ;o) She missed the meet too. Or skipped it rather.

rajini_priya did'nt turn up. Sadly, a lot of us were hoping that she would. How grossly upsetting right? Ouch! Hmmm.... Nice girl that, but I guess her absence today got a lot of upset hearts. :o) Heh!She'll have to work double time to fix the situation now. lol!

namus, lives about One Kilometre from the Venue. Preferred to stay at home? Dunno. Informatives told us he'd turn up. But something must have come up I guess. We all have situations, he's not excused from having them too. Whatever is was young man, it's gotta be serious okai! :o)

ma7ur must have been busy binding some books or something. He's not trying to be non-social though, it's just that he somehow manages to keep missing the cyberabad LJ-meets. Poor unlucky soul! :o)

thejaszalcatraz said he'd most probably turn up for the meet, but well, I guess two new members at a meet would have been too much for me anyway. lol! Hope to see you at one of the other meets thejaszalcatraz. :o)

Oh, and just for General Knowledge (for the out-worlders among you, that's the expansion of archaic term: GK) sake, profound_1 just got back from Nepal. Yes, that's N-E-P-A-L "The Shoulder-blades of the Himalayas" I think it's called.

NEways, all in all, I think the meet was pretty okay. It felt a little odd though. The conversations were not free flowing and participation was kinda reluctant? or was that all just my imagination? I thought we also had a similar problem in the last meet, though, to a much lower extent. In most probability, I guess it was due to the seating factor. We were seated kinda longitudinally and that might have been the cause for rifts and circles of localized activity. It's just a thought, but I guess the next meet could be set at a location where members find it easier to shuffle as well as maintain an organized randomness such that we can all see each other across a table or sideways or something, whatever. It might make conversations flow easier. Ummm.... That was just a thought.


That's all for tonight, It's been ages since I last updated my journal, I've had exams and other catastrophic phenomenon teasing the dickens out of my little mind. The exams have terminated now, but there's the fact that my 8-Week Summer Internship begins on Monday. Talk about a pitiful life! Grrr!

NEways, now that I believe I'm freer and what-not, I guess you'll have something new to see here on my journal from time to time, more often than naught. ;o)


There are tons of people I have not mentioned here.
Either they don't matter, I've forgotten them, I could'nt care less, or I simply don't recall their names right now.
Time causes memories to fail....
I've failed you.
It's your own fault!

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