December 1st, 2004

Day Dreams of Love

Tyre Slash! - 24/11/2004

The past week, I've been driving around town, feeling nervous wherever I went.  The reason being that the left rear wheel of my car's been acting funny.  It felt like that wheel was going solo over tiny speed breakers as I drove.

I'd get out of the car every few kilometers and check on the status, but always, to my surprise, I was greeted by the epitome of beautiful tyring (is that really a word or have I coined a phrase?  lol!).

I figured the problem was with the wheel drive-shaft.  If it's not hooked properly, chances of it shifting back and forth rapidly during vehicular movement is very probable, and consequently, was the most logical likely cause....

I payed little heed to it, but it got worse over the previous couple of days and I was genuinely worried.  I promised myself that I'd send my car in for servicing the very first chance I got.  But well, I never got around to that as you'll soon realize.

I was driving back from college and while on a totally deserted stretch of road, I suddenly notice a renewed shuddering of the car.  Yeah yeah, I'm freaking out alright!  So I pull over to the side of the road and launch myself out of the car.  Get to the rear left wheel and that's when I almost chocked in disbelief!

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