September 25th, 2004

Wild Laugh

So, How Was The FR&Acking!?

Today we had our Financial Research and Analysis (FR&A) presentation.  I tossed and turned in bed all night wondering what my world was coming to.  The night sped past under my sleepless eyelids and with sand-papery lids, I climbed out of bed and took them doggies for their walkie.  Got back, had a shower, chased my mind through the shallows of the accounting formulae that I could recollect to no great acclaim.

I finally dressed and snapped up some breakfast.  Dodged an incoming a penguin-faced car-cleaner and brought the engine to life.  Drove like the maniac that I sometimes am apt to turn into in times of strife and bitterness and reached respectably, 15 minutes into the FR&A session.

Lucky as I am at times, our group, which was scheduled to be the first presentation for the day was moved up by two slots so we finally got around to making our presentation at number-3 instead of number-1.

I got a frantic phone call midway through the graph sheet validation and explanation.  A quick pause later, I was back on track without having let anyone know that I was disoriented totally out of whack.  :o)  No one even realized that I was in demand enough to have people calling me mid-session.  lol!  I was a good four and a half degrees colder than i was when I'd, oh so confidently, walked on-stage beaming my winning smile to my wits compromising end.

Anyway, Presentation done and zapped out, I await the conclusion of a painful stretch of life.  It turned out that no one realized that I'd kipped a beat, no one noticed my lack of confidence, no one so much as detected the fact that I was so nervous, my hands were wringing themselves into a frenzy, no one noticed that I'd completely lost it!  :o)

And as fate would have it, The presentation went so well, people actually complimented me and my mates on a job well done.  So good were we that we actually ended up at the top of the list.  :o)  What say you to a night in bed completely wasted on mental torture?

Well, here I am now, miraculously alive and breathing.  If only I could pull stuff like this off more often....  I'd be the best!  Hah!

Yenniwayz, as life would have it, I'm scheduled with a handful of examinations around the corner, three horrific presentations clawing their way into my calender and of course, a life that never even existed.

Question  :  What might I possibly lay in my wake I ask....
Answer    :  An echo of incredible silence....

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