March 20th, 2004

In too deep, Brood

[Warning: Excessive Offload, Caution Click] Jim.... - NickHill Philo Society!

Here's an interesting conversation between myself and my best buddy, lihkinNikhil.

This, as well as many such conversations varying over topics ranging from ancient burial rites and rituals to space-time misalignment have been the subjects under powerful scrutiny by the two of us.

Our relationship lies on an existance of a purely platonic intelectual level, so if you people are getting any ideas, please don't think any further. :P

The terms we use for each other can, at times get way beyond the understanding of the censor board....
I've done my best to edit those out of this conversation.

Nikhil, if you're reading this, for the record, could you please go through your logs and tell me what date this conversation occured on?

Thanks go out to Nikhil and those who pissed me off.... :o)

Collapse )
At this point, Nikhil got rudely disconnected....
And as applies to Cybersex, Cyberintelect wars are never the same after a disconnection! :(
I only wish one of us had managed to save the chat sessions regarding the same and many other topics that we had after this one.... :(
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