August 30th, 2003

In too deep, Brood

Subordination and insubordination

I was waiting for someone to get online, but I guess some things were never really meant to be.... I am in a seriously great mood, and well, I think I'm happy. :o)

Hmmmm! Well, I did'nt get back early from work as I was hoping.... Instead, I had to hang around there delegating work to some new fellas who'd come in today. There were five of 'em, one guy and four girls. The guy's about two years older than I am and the girls.... hmmm! The eldest is 33! Then there are two 26 year olds and one 23 year old....

I sure felt stupid telling them that they had to report to me, and me alone. It was elating at first when my boss gave told me that I had been chosen to be the one to get these people up to action, but when I realized that every idiot coming in would be older than me, it kinda struck me a home run.

But once the _kids_ arrived, it was waaaay icky! Worse than I had imagined. They not only 'are' older, they even look the part and that puts the situation all weird cause apparently, they were uncomfy too. Especially the oldest girl of the lot.

When I was leaving, I could'nt have a chat with my boss about it, but I sure hope to get a conversation up tomorrow or something. Frankly, I don't think I should be doing this. It's work wise, crippling. If not for me, for them I'm sure! :(

The worst part undoubtedly was when I had to hand them their duties and tell them how to out-do themselves so as to please my keen sense about quality written content. Telling people who're your age or younger, bossing over them, and informing them duly that their work all goes through me.... It's kinda unsettling in the case where your subordinates are older than yourself.

The youngest girl is a Graphics expert of some kind, she's done some Oooh-La-La sounding course from some bigish sounding institute, has a highly placed parentage and well, basically comes to work on the first day in a shiny black short skirt! Well, I have no worries about that, but it got a bit uncomfy when I was showing her to her desk.... I noticed that every eye in the province was keyed on it and I kinda felt pity for her.... In a conservative place like India, dressing like that can indeed draw some seriously unwanted attention and by the looks of her, I'm sure she's not gonna like it one bit if things get nasty..... I would have told her myself if she was'nt so much older than myself.... And perhaps, if I had known her better.

I'll have a bone to pick with my boss about this. For one thing, I hate staying at work just cause I gotta nourish new kids on da block, no specific purpose being mine.... For another, this subordination issue is something I'm not too keen on handling. :( I'm sure there are other people in the office who could do exactly what I'm doing but without the handicap of age on their checkbooks if you know what I mean.


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