February 15th, 2003

In too deep, Brood

Back and down again!

I bit into a slice of goodness today, I do so wish at times that chocolate excess and truffle cake should come with more built in chocolate. :) today though, I had a healthy sized pallette full of gore. Yo!

Saw every couple in town at PVR-Saket and i was looking for something to eat! The crowd had cleaned out the stores! Wish the world was a more worldly place! and what with those shiv sena fanatics plaiting those ugly faces on the walla. "un logon ko murgey bana dengey" crap!!

As usual, there goes another Valentines day spent on eggs and chips! The Vodka tasted fine tho and I feel it was another day well spent. :-D

My Project Documentation is virtually growing.... Let that be as it may, I have a run up to the rush for somberness Let's see how that ends up. I should most probably have a shock in the myire vicinity of original manuscripts. lol!

Where's teh world going to these days? (or should I say goughing to these days? lol!)

I wonder.....
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