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Re: So What!

This is a reply to My best friend lihkin's post here

It'd sure be interesting to know if there's anything YOU have done about the kid on the road. Have you stopped visiting Qwiky's? How about your regular dose of ciggies? Perhaps you could stop having a meal everyday and perhaps even sell your PC off, since the kid on the road needs his meal more than you need you PC. You don't need your PC or website to live. Now, do you? :P

Interestingly, I have'nt done one piece of anything to help that kid on the street. And perhaps of interest to the public would also be the fact that I don't feel ashamed of it. :o)
I have stopped visiting Qwikys but for reasons apart from that kid on the street, he's got nothing to do with my decisions in that localized view. My regular dose of Ciggis has been considerably reduced, but sadly, not cause of that kid on the street. I already survive on irregular meals, but that has nothing to do with that kid. I won't sell off my PC unless I deem that necessary. Perhaps that kid does need that meal more than my PC, but as I see it, I would, frankly speaking, not give up my PC. I don't need my PC nor my Website to survive, to live, or to die, but I'm not giving 'em up either. :o)

It's obvious that you've misread/misunderstood the main underlying thought that I'm putting there in my statements. You of all people! You know me well enough to realize that I rarely, if ever, speak in direct statements. Your criticism to my post relies on a _literal_ understanding of what's being said. I'm talking _metaphorically_ as I most always do! And no, I don't wish or want to start talking literally.

What can be said in one paragraph using metaphorically inclined ideas can't be said even if you used forty literally inclined paragraphs. It also works the other way round, but I'm more at home like this and I refuse once again, to change that! Reasons sha'nt be given tho... baah!

Sid, I feel its unfair to question somebody's happiness. The reason maybe whatever. I bet you (and me) have partied on occasions which might seem utterly useless to the guy sitting beside you. We have our own lives.

Yes, I understand that. And you realize too, that I don't question people's happiness. It's their insistence that I must be a traitor if I don't take part in their happiness. "To each their own" is what I believe in. Why drag someone else into your own world if they don't wanna play "gulli danda" (Indian game involving a stick and another stick) with you? Put me in their shoes and I understand the wish to holler and yell at the screen, but I won't declare someone, who's not yelling with me, an outright brain-dead freak! (I mean traitor but you get the idea!)

I'm certainly not questioning their happiness, no, that's against my morals and principles behind life. What I'm doing is getting frustrated with their requirement for my own involvement in their creepy urges of thrilling or sorrow filled moments!

As you said, We have our own lives, and that's exactly why I feel other people look through an opaque wall at non-like-minded people like you and I!

Maybe you should stop playing and help the kid on the road instead? No, I'm not trying to ridicule you. I feel there's still time to think of others. Maybe once I've achieved all I want to achieve in this life of mine, I'll look out how I can help other lives out there.

Yes, maybe I should stop playing and help that kid on the road, but as you have done, So have I, I've taken a stand in my life. And I'm gonna stick by it. There is still time to think of others, and I _don't not_ think about them. I'm not gonna sit around waiting till I've achieved everything that I deem necessary in my life. I'm gonna think about them whenever I feel like. And I do! Thinking about them does'nt mean that I HAVE TO do something about it. I am quite content realizing how things can be with me. As it is with others, perhaps so it can be too with me. And I don't turn a blind eye at what I observe around me. I use it for self improvement if I can. I don't have an inclination to help others out there. No sir, I most certainly don't. I do help people who ask it of me if they mean anything to me and/or if I feel that I can help them out without adversely affecting my ability to perform in fields or stages in my own life. Again, I have my priorities, and moods and things that might seem weird occur.... So Here's a disclaimer, I'm _not_ saying that this is what i always do nor am I saying that this is how things always are with me. It's how I think and what I believe it to look like from my point of view.

What you are trying to suggest is to convert every occasion I have to feel happy about something into a really subdued and perhaps even sad one by looking at the kid on the street.

Nope. Never even hinted at that. What I did say though is that If you think I'm a traitor or a spoil sport in your view, think of how much of a traitor I might be looking at the world from my angle, looking at it from your angel, and looking at it from that kids angle. I'm not even suggesting that you follow up on what I'm saying or suggesting. What I want you to do is understand what I've said. Not act upon it in a literal sense. You could instead just let me be (perhaps!). :o) That's what I meant to do, Show the guy that I'm really not the baddie, It's his view of looking at the big picture that's not right in my opinion. Frankly, I don't care a twit how he might think of things, Right or wrong, it's his problem and not mine. It's just that I sometimes get worked up when too many people decide that I have to play the nursing mom with them when their girlfriend gives birth to an alien outcast!

As you see, my thoughts appear quite self centered in their logical proceedings, but the truth of the matter is that I am not looking at _my_ world but everyones world. They are the people who are self centered. They expect everyone to think like them, they expect everyone to be happy or sad when Sachin hits a six or gets stumped. It's quite astonishingly uber-yuk when people can't isolate their thoughts from their opinions and more importantly, themselves!

You get what I'm saying right.

I dont share your opinion that the kid on the road was dancing just cuz he's confused. I bet he's enjoyed the game as much as everyone. Maybe you just haven't seen him playing the same game on the road with a few of his mates. :)

Yes, maybe you're right, maybe he really knew which team was in Blue and which was in green or the name of the umpire or perhaps if the wicket keeper on the Paki team has a left handed grand dad, I could'nt care less. It's all a literal decipherance of what I've committed, What you should look at it the hypotheticity of the situation. It's not facts that I'm stating when I meander in prophesies, It's the idea, my viewpoint, my attempt at showing you what _could_ be and perhaps how it might amount to other viewpoints. It's all hypothetical, the idea. It's a theory, something I put forward in order to sustain other statements that had come up later in the monologue after I'd mentioned it.

The idea I try to extrapolate out here is that Once again, Decipher not the words of the story but the idea, the moral, the underlying currents, the metaphoric value.... I can't explain it perhaps to others, but you, I know you know what I'm saying. :o)

I dont see why we are commiting a crime just cuz we enjoy a game. If you think majority of the country's money is going into cricket, maybe you need to have a look at where the upper crest of India get their fix.

You are _not_ committing a crime by enjoying the game. You're not committing any crime at all. The thing is that you are acting without a global thought orientation. You don't see me in the picture even though you know who I am, even though you know I'm talking to you, I'm the person delivering the monologue to you, yet, you see things from your point of you. That's the error most everyone commits. It's not a crime to misunderstand, and hence, I don't condemn you. I'm just looking down pitifully at the guy who tried yanking me into his cheer and accepting his stance as one that is minute and most likely closed minded. Like a funnel that has the big end on his cranium. Small viewpoints are needed when you wish to inspect specifics. But in the real world, it's humiliating. It's like knowing more and more about less and less!

Hyderabad was the host to some Horse Racing Cup competition recently. The kind of betting that goes on here is waaaaay out of any common man's reach. Oh, did I mention Vijay Mallya is a frequenter? What do you have to say on that?

Since you bring this fact up into the picture, I'll smile. :o)
Okai. Did you know that the white market stats say that their lower estimate on the amount of dosh blasted in betting for the Final India v/s Australia Cricket Match is about 650 Crores. And that's on a rough lower estimate. They have'nt divulged the upper limit and they say that there's about four times that amount of money being raised in bets in the grey and black circles! Interesting, I'm pretty sure even a hundred Vijay Mallya's would have gotten a combined scare at figures like that!

This has nothing to do with my story, so let it be marked as just that, stats!

Regarding Sachins skill et al, I think he's good, better than a lot of others, but I'm not gonna get on my hands and knees and pray to his ass cheeks or something. (Hey! That's a metaphorical representation, so don't get any gay or nasty ideas!) :o) For that matter, I find Wasim Akram to be quite a genius too so no qualms about that. Baah!

Well, what I'm saying is that if you can think for yourself, then place yourself in somebody elses shoes and think about it. Feel from every point of view, touch your heart and think. You have to realize that just reveling in high society will not help, it's realizing what it is and why it exists. It's all a state of the mind.

When do you want me to do this? As long as I live? I keep thinking of somebody else and ignore my life till it gets as pathetic as theirs? What you have said sure sounds corny and all that.

When? The answer is simple, All the time!. From your statement, I realize you've taken my words here literally. You should'nt keep thinking about someone else. You should think about yourself all the time. But that does'nt mean that you should ignore others. You should look at them, understand their situation, their position, their angle, their reactions, etcetera, objectively. You should keep your eyes open, you should see things, acting upon what you see is under your own discretion. Besides, acting may be done in the way of self improvement, wider outlook, better understanding of things or even (if you're that weird!) helping others with their lives.

Yes, I'm weird! and perhaps I even stick my heels too deep trying to help people who don't wish to be helped. It's just that after a while, It gets kinda hard to control the urge.

Dont I have my own life to make sense of? I'd be crushed down by the competition offered by the same 1 crore if I dont do something about it.

Yes, You have your own life to make sense of. And you can learn from other peoples lives. You can see and understand. You can be a better you! You'd be crushed if you reveled in non-understanding or if you had the popular ability to see no reason! I know you see reason, and hence, you might have noticed that the stuff I wrote was not meant to involve you in any way. You see things that others ignore. what i wrote was establishing the relationship between what people see and what they don't. So you're on firm ground pal. ;o) What I said simply does'nt apply to you considering the fact that everything said was on the basis that you read and understood the thought behind the words, not the surface meaning that the words related. :o)

Yeah? I wonder why people used to be crazy about cricket even before Pepsi or Samsung was around. India won the world cup wearing no sponsor's tags. People see cricket for the game and its players, d00d. Not because of who sponsors them.

There were fewer people crazy about cricket then, and that's why the lack of tags. And they were certainly not as crazy as the people these days. Besides, you see, the reason why they watch cricket like they do is not for the tags, I agree, It's for the following reason:

Cricket is the _ONLY_ thing that India is of International standard. Cricket is the only thing Indians can talk about proudly of.... It's a blown up issue, all because it's the only field that India has made a mark in...

You skipped that statement, or rather, you split the commentary before it was finished. :(

So, what do you suggest we do? We have to start somewhere, dont we? If we've got cricket to boast about, might as well do it. Umm... aren't we a "Software Superpower" too? ;)

What do I suggest? Well, You answered that for me, Why not boast about our software vineyard? It's cause it's lame, We don't compete with anyone on that level! We have bulk labour forces in the software industry, We don't excel in it! All the guys who are _really_ good don't live in the country. They don't come in the headlines either cause no one cares a shit!

Maybe one day we'll become the Ultra-uber-power that we keep dreaming about. :D I'd sure talk about something I'm good at instead of weeping over something I'm not good at all the time. I bet that's the reason geeks like you and me like to exercise our oratory skills on computers too. :P

We should at least accept the things that we're not good at. Would you go ranting and raving about what you're good at to someone or would you just make a proud face and revel in your own mental corner? I agree, some ranting and raving is expected, but you are certainly not gonna try and drive the yank home! Besides, We're talking about your country here, not yourself. :o)

I bet that's the reason geeks like you and me like to exercise our oratory skills on computers too. :P

Yes, We exercise them, but how often do we go on parades, announcing the fact to the world? Yelling and shouting, grabbing bystanders by the corner and screaming it into their faces? As I see it, We'd do that rarely! very very rarely, or more probably, never!!

Help India improve as a country, as a land of value, as it was, before we all got together and lost it to this lousy game!

Um.. how exactly does playing a game derail the country's value? If anything, the game allows the country to be placed highly among other countries. Cuz, we've got a few awesome players. Yesh, Australia has the best players in the game, but hey, we're getting there. It takes time to get to the top. And, we're not that far behind, say, like Bangladesh or something. :D

How? Well, Like Cricket has. Not cricket actually, but the people of our land. (the one we call India) The game does'nt do the derailing, It can't. It's a game after all. It's the way people tend to react to it's occurrence. We have some awesome players, but We have awesome players in other games too, Hockey (India's national game!), Football, Kabaddi (Funny Indian game. BTW, we lost to China in 1996 at Kabaddi. lol!) We _are) at the top when it comes to other competitive games too you know. But no hype there!

Cricket allows one to forget that they're poor, that they've got a daughter to get married off, that they've just lost their job, and that they're gonna sleep on the footpath when the game is over when they're watching a game of cricket with their heroes overpowering the other side.

Yes, perhaps it does, but not to everyone. Besides, if you need a game to help you out of your problems temporarily, I must say it's a weak mind that needs such things to do so. It's all in the mind. You have to control your will, never let it slacken or you'll always drop below the mark and you end up relying on others.

After having said all this, I still maintain that if you have a game where 85% of it is comprised of players and umpires walking around taking positions, and you're not interested on how sachins jock catches in at his crotch, you can get bored, trust me. :o)

Okai, that was totally uncalled for.... Sorry. lol!


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