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Me got a call a couple of days ago from a clueless freak....  Thus goes the convo:

Phone:  Trrrrring Triiinnnnnnggg!!
Me:  *hits reply and glues cell to eardrum*  Yeah, speak, Jim.... here!
Voice:  Yaar, rajiv paisa kab de raha hai?  Idhar tension serious hai (Insert Hindi Expletive)!
Me:  Ahem!  Who do you wish to speak to?  Me or Rajiv?
Voice:  Oye kaun re tu?
Me:  That does'nt matter, just answer the question if you don't want me to drive a screwdriver through your eardrums.
Voice:  Bhai, Hindi you know?  Telugu?
Me:  Haan, mujhe Hindi aati hai, magar aap kaun ho, aur kisse baat karni hai?
Voice:  Bhai, mein 'so-and-so' hoon, zara Rajiv ko phone dena, baat karni hai.
Me:  Voh sab theek hai, yeh bataao, aapne kaunsa number dial kiya?
Voice:  3*****222
Me:  kya!  *Expressing genuine surprise*
Voice:  3*****222
Me:  Haan, magar mera number hai:  3*****22
Voice:  Same-same.
Me:  Aapne extra 2 daala hai, Rajiv ne galat number diya hai aapko.
Voice:  Nahin, usney yehi number diya hai!!
Me:  Galat number diya hai ji, bye.
Voice:  Rajiv ko....
^click^  *I cut the line*

Phone:  Trrrrring Triiinnnnnnggg!!
Me:  Hello!!!!!!!!!  *Darned Effer me thinks!*
Voice:  Rajiv?
Me:  Yaar, jusr Effin' check the number!!!!
Voice:  Sorry bhai, hindi mein bol.
Me:  Kitney number 9 digit ke hotein hain?
Voice:  8 digit ke hai, 9 hai hee nahin.
Me:  Answer mila?  Bye!
^click^  *I cut the line*

Phone:  Trrrrring Triiinnnnnnggg!!
Voice:  Rajiv ko dena please....
Me:  Number kaunsa dial kiya?
Voice:  3*****222
Me:  Voh 9 digit ka number hai, mera number 3*****22 hai.  Please call karna band karo!  Bye!
Voice:  Oh!!  kaisa ulloo hoon.  Maaf karna bhai saab, galti ho gayi.
Me:  Thank you, and don't call again....
^click^  *I cut the line*

At this point, I notice that the coffee's gone cold and I'm five minutes late for my class....  What a pain!!

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