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So Fucking What If We (India) Won The Match?

Okai, India won that damned match!

Fine, Good playing, India won, patriotism has absolutely nothing to do with it!

Frankly speaking, I fail to understand all this hue and cry about 'just having to watch the match' and 'The antics people lower themselves down to performing when the team wins (for a change!?)

I have NEVER been interested in this lousy game primarily due to the kind of action (or should I say the lack of it!?) involved. The game is slow, with between 70 to 80 percent of the time taken just blank empty spaces, spaces where people are just hanging around, waiting for the bowler to get the ball down the pitch to the idiot at the other end of the pitch who's supposed to whack it senselessly around the place. Then you have those torturously boring bits where you have people just walking from the field to the stands and vice versa....

The game is irresolutely a waste of time. That's what I believe. A game should be a healthy meeting, a surrogate excuse to enhance friendly ties. If the game involves widening the gap between nations, frankly speaking there's absolutely no point in having the game at all....

The absolute ruckus that this game generates in the majority of Indian lives is rather discriminating. India's national game is Hockey. Yet, Cricket is what companies prefer to sponsor, Indian politics dances hand in hand with Cricket, all cause the majority of Indians drool over this game. The reason is obvious, The money involved is gluttonous and tremendous. It's not a juggernaut though and things can surely roll back as is with everything else. The money that is involved in this game is just used to spur this game further ahead, to increase it's returns, a company would invest in cricket and then, add the profits into it's investment.

If you look at India as it stands right now, you'll notice that It's got a population that could topple the world over the edge. It is still a third world country, and frankly any development that occurs within the borders of this country is in favour of this game! The roads are pathetic, the railways and other transport are abused beyond recognition, and people have no sense of "My Country" except when Cricket is involved! India has the highest number of Juvenile Diabetics, Cancer Patients, Mental Disorders, Environmental Pollution, and mortality rates in the world! I'm speaking country wise, NOT city wise. So before you go around knocking your hammers in condemnation, think about it, In all the world, taking into consideration the size of this country and everything, India is a serious MESS!!

No once cares, People are still dying of Diarrhea and Lockjaw (Tetanus) not to mention other easily cured ailments, in India. Most of these ailments have been eradicated in other countries. Why then, is India in such a pathetic state? The answer is obvious as glass to me. There's no money going into the improvement of this situation. There's no worry about the cause, no worry about us Indians. I was'nt cheering like a tipsy freak even after I heard that It'd won. I agree, the players have something, they played well and they made a good game of it. After all, like most humans (non-Indian), I appreciated the game and that is the reason why I watched it in the first place. But that was it.

My friends and even people who did'nt know me looked wild. they insisted I was Pro-Pakistan and that I was an asshole and a good for nothing cause I was'nt bursting crackers with them and was'nt jiving to lousy Bhangra and Pop music! They told me off for not caring about India, In a group of about forty people, when they are all telling you you're useless and an asshole, I figured it was no use trying to make sense to them.... Instead, I watched them for a bit and when I decided to make a move and get myself back to my PC, A hand reached out, grabbed my arm and insisted that I dance as well....

"Why?" I asked rather irritated. "India Fucking Won the match asshole, why are you looking at me like that?" I took a step back, gave him a direct look in the eye and replied quite matter of factly, "India won the match, but just look across the road, you see that little beggar kid dancing with your pals out there....?" He goes... "Yeah, he's happy man! So?" And I tell him.... "He's not happy, he's confused, He does'nt know what he does'nt have, He does'nt have an education, he does'nt know what an India win means, and he has'nt been watching the match either so it's obvious he does'nt even know the rules of the game. I'm telling you this for a reason, He sleeps under that cycle rickshaw. tomorrow morning, when he wakes up from his sleep, it's gonna be just another day, He would'nt know why he was dancing with your friends back there, for a day, you saw him smile and dance, but to what effect? He's still living the same life, he's still poor and he's still hungry and uneducated. The fuel you guys might burn up overnight, the firecrackers, the 'Daaru' (Drinks), the loud music, that comes to about fourteen thousand rupees and that's the minimum, it might be much more..... If you could give that to his cause and take responsibility for his life for a bit, He'd be a better man, he'd be happy for what you did, he'd be a better Indian. But I know, I'm wasting my time explaining all this to you.... Go, get back to your fucked up dancing, I'm gonna update my website!" With that, I spun on my heel and walked back to my PC totally disgusted with these _Indians_! I looked back to see if my dialogue (monologue?) had had any effect on the buster. He looked slightly effected and for a moment, I was glad I'd made my point.

But then, He turned shaking his head and got straight back to wallowing in the _glory_ for the Indian victory. I was rather scathed. I wasted my thoughts and energy on a lost cause.

This morning, I am told that My thoughts are aligned well and they have value, but it's no use because no matter what I think, no one wants to think in the same way, people don't want to know about the bad things, people prefer to ignore the pain and suffering, they don't want to help, they can't bear it.... and so, they simply choose to ignore it. They want to live their own lives, they don't wish to be of use to society and it's overall development. They just want to chill, relax and enjoy. As long as they have a roof over their heads and a shirt on their backs, they're never going to think about the masses or the effect that they could perhaps have on the wellbeing of the world around them. Once trod and snapped, they thoughts wander and the beg for notice, they beg other people to help them pull themselves up. What's the train I'm running on? Well, what I'm saying is that if you can think for yourself, then place yourself in somebody elses shoes and think about it. Feel from every point of view, touch your heart and think. You have to realize that just reveling in high society will not help, it's realizing what it is and why it exists. It's all a state of the mind.

Coming back to the subject of todays post, Cricket, There's a reason why Indians get so carried away by the game. If you're up to it, and trust yourself to judge what I say objectively without any preconceived notions, read on....

The reason why Cricket is such a big issue in this country, the reason why India has the Greatest number of Cricket fanatics, The reason why India generates the highest monetary contribution to Satellite and cable networks during the phase of Cricket Matches, The reason why Cricket players are considered on par with Gods, It's simple....

Cricket is the _ONLY_ thing that India is of International standard. Cricket is the only thing Indians can talk about proudly of.... It's a blown up issue, all because it's the only field that India has made a mark in....

And if that's the attitude that people have, to get hung-up on such a fallacy as a group of people on a field, dumping every resource on it, I say it's pathetic. Change is not always a possibility, but It's a conscious thing that most certainly can be made. The best way to fix this problem (yes, in my eyes, it is a problem) is to concentrate on getting better in everything rather than focussing every resource on cricket. Help India improve as a country, as a land of value, as it was, before we all got together and lost it to this lousy game!

My thoughts are criticism, They are constructive and I don't hate the game for any reason other than the hype that it drags in it's wake.

The game is good, (I find it boring) but It's a game and it's a healthy one as long as you don't fuck around with your resources.
Play the game for what it is, not for what it is'nt.

In the end, You might want to check out this article by a former batch mate Debarshi from Scindia School and his friend.

Good health and Kaydeeyoh!

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