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An Exception!

Happy tidings to a wonderful friend and accomplice in crime, I've lived a long life, but have had few friends....

Out of them, one of the few sparkling jewels in my crown happen to be this young d00d who, like me, is a philosopher in the making. He will always refuse to claim his throne in that aspect, but the truth speaks louder. :)

I've dedicated a couple of posts to this young man in the past, but i hope this one pays in part, a tribute to his living self. :) We've had some of the most intellectually arousing conversations, ranging from technical discussions to para-physical postulations. As a Friend, he's always been a worthy ear and one to give the wildest advice, something that only true friends have the courage to give....

We've shared eight years of friendship so far, and though the first year was on more of an acquaintance issue, eight months down the line, we were practically inseparable in thought. As a matter of a fact, this man has always had an ear open toward my prologued mental synthesis and he's always been charming to a 'T' when it comes to friendship and being a friend. The least I could wish hi is the best in all that he does or chooses to do, but I shall take a step further and wish him a very Happy Birthday!

I don't believe in having special days for birthdays and stuff, but I'll make an exception here, it's his birth anniversary and if he was'nt born, I would'nt have been who I am today.

God bless and Kaydeeyoh!
To lihkin (aka Nikhil Kasinadhuni Shanker)

Happy Birthday Nikhil!

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