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Psyche! from MCP's to Relaxation....

I have oft been told, in passing or directly than men are, in terms of the general masses of them, MCP's (that's Male Chauvinist Pigs for the uninitiated!). I have never thought of myself along those terms, but over the past year or so, events and situations have re-molded my mind into understanding better, the idiosyncrasies that I've been on a heightened reception plane to observe in the last eleven years.

I've always (since as far back as I remember) been a social recluse and one to avoid active participation in virtually everything involving more than one individual at a time. This not-so-unique angle of individual reception has enabled me to be immensely sensitive to even microscopic changes and reflections in the characters that I might, in the course of my meanderings, happen to come across.

Five years ago, I drew myself into self-isolation, with the only person within a thousand mile radius who I could trust being my self. I spend day after day for four long years in isolation, doing only what was most required of me, meeting only those I had to make end meet end and link taut link. Life was mostly lived in my own mind, and I used all my suddenly freed resources analyzing my own internal schematics.

They say that in knowing oneself, one knows others. I don't agree totally with that statement, but I can quite frankly admit that in understanding my own blueprint, I have been able to wring understanding of other individuals' actions and reactions.

Little do most people realize how terribly non-complex it is to understand the inner workings of an individual apart from oneself. The self itself is constantly changing, and in learning a needle-head worth of the self, you uncover enough ground to realize that no matter how fast you work, the more you uncover, the more past-uncovered ground is changed.

In concurrence, I understand my past, but my current self and my future self are worlds apart from immediate understanding. One day will arrive when I understand to a 'T', the workings of my current self, but by then, I'll no doubt be so far ahead in my mental time-frame, there's little point in really attempting self analysis. But the again, I'm a persistent man, give me a problem that interests me, and knowing no boundaries, I'll go way past my limits just to overcome the problem. When it comes to self-analysis, I'm truly obsessed in a full-time problem that is, I understand, impossible to overcome....

But just because I see no end, does'nt make a good enough case to make me believe it's no value or use to me. It gives me sleepless nights and painful thoughts, but at the end of the day, I find a certain degree of glee that emanates from my (comparatively) minor results.

I have'nt had the chance to meet very many people from varied cultures, but I have had the good fortune to dissect numerous people of the country of my own nationality. The foreign interactions have been totally digital in their substrata, and I might add, I'm extremely capable when it comes to discerning the internal structure of an individual through online means....

There have been many people who've stared back in awe at my abilities of digital psychoanalysis. To me, it's a simple procedure, and it works in total unconscious strides. I am rarely aware of my analysis; it's something that's become an inherent characteristic of my subconscious. The key to psychoanalysis is to keep an extremely keen eye on detail and a very sensitive tab on emotional levels.

I build up a background of an individual from what I'm told. They don't have to open up for me to understand their psyche. No matter what someone says, be it the truth or an absolute lie, the point to keep in mind at all times of digital psychoanalysis is that people can't change who they integrally are.

Every word spoken, the uncertainty, the confidence, the emotion, the description, the background, the flow, everything has to be considered and evaluated on an objective scale. One has to be able to detect nano-deviations and turn-offs in the character-projection of the concerned individual.

No matter how skilled an individual, the true self can never be completely hidden. In opening with even a single line of conversation, one opens oneself to opponent scrutiny and sooner or later, the last marble clicks into place and the combination lock is opened and left so for as long as change is not absolute.

I've found that people are extremely pliable. Every individual, no mater how willful or impregnable is cursed with being impressionable. All one needs is the right co-ordinates, where to strike, how, when and with what amount of force....

The idea is to allow the person in question to coagulate their minds (this happens naturally! If you give an individual enough of a free hand with little or no external push, people tend to boil into themselves) till their natural defenses are spent. Every person carries around with them a certain aura of mental restriction. A private space that opponents are never allowed to enter unless they are acquainted to a level of closeness that reduces the jarring abrasive activity that is lethal to any attempt at impressing an action into the mind of the individual in question.

One must note that it is virtually impossible to force another into acting outside of their intentions overnight. It' a gentle conditioning that really does the trick. Varying from individual to individual, finding the right pace and the right gradient to increase, decrease, or fluctuate ones influence, depending on the psyche and the characteristics that make up the organism in question.

To be able to judge accurately, the psychological status of an individual, it is imperative that one lays a keen eye on observation; you build a character virtually from scratch every time round. I know it's supposed to be a tedious process, but it has become a default part of my sensory processes over the years, I take it for granted that people have a common base quality. We're not that much different in biological and chemical terms. Mentally though, we tend to deviate tremendously.

Analysis and constant updating of probe results is an absolute necessity since people change at quite an alarming pace.... Once you enter the individual's protective shields and have a concrete idea of them, it becomes second nature almost, to postulate conditions an situations that may or may not alter external behavior, and accurately predict their reactions to virtually any given stimuli.

When you are able to do so, circumstances and situations can be constructed in physical reality to alter their natural mental processes. The situation so created might be artificial, but the reactions are genuine. People might feel that this is a breach of morality and a deviation from accepted ethical rules, but in my opinion, it's pure science.

One might find often, that it's the ends that justify the means, but then again, it might not. It takes great concentration and requires the postulator to be adept at their analyzing skills to be able to pull such a powerful, yet sensitive game off, ending up with the desired results as well as remaining undiscovered.

Over the years, I've been able to successfully manipulate people into changing in respect to their modified surroundings, both for good as well as for evil. The evil is something I am not very comfortable talking about though they have been totally non-violent in nature, because of the ethical and moral boundaries that they have leaped over.

The main issue though, is that if the individual is left to his or her own means, without my external influence, would it have been better? The answer to that does'nt exist since we shall never know, now or in the future, how it would have turned out.... Not accurately anyway. Besides, non-influence almost always ends up being an influence in itself and in such situations, the result can be despicable!

In avoidance of that end, I usually tend to draw myself away from interaction on any plane of reference with the people who might threaten my aura directly. If contact can be minimalized, the effect is virtually eliminated. It's one of my unspoken golden rules, and since as far back as I can remember, that's the way it's been with me. It gives me the ability to actually step out of a situation and view it from a distance. A bird's eye view, encompassing a situation as well as its surroundings is better than looking at the world through a fish eye.

Coming back to what I was saying, understanding the psyche of a target individual does'nt necessarily have to mean building up their persona all the way from scratch every single time. As I've mentioned before, when I try to understand an individual, I don't start from scratch, I start with a general sketch and then fill in the details as they are experienced or as they occur.

This general sketch is actually a postulation from my own understanding of myself.... Taking into consideration, the fact that all of us are derived form a similar genetic species, Chemical and biological triggers, I assume, are similar, but hinging on subtle derivatives of the same.... Having taken virtually _ages_ to examine myself, I have begun to realize just how similar we can be on a fundamental level. But that's as far as the similarity goes. One has to understand the repercussions of past experiences on the human psyche. It's easy though, once you begin to realize all the miniscule deviations that subtle questioning and interpretation of thoughts and opinions, can unearth.

It's a tender task, and being intently aware of the cold fact that even a slight mistake today can lead to potential disasters in the future for our lab rats, one ought to move ahead slowly and with tentative steps. The most important thing that I've found in my meanderings is that with the ability to alter peoples lives like so, one really has to concentrate intently in order not to misuse ones influencing abilities....

I don't know where I'm going with all this; I don't even know why I'm saying all this infact.... All I do know for certain, is that having reflected on this, though in such haphazard a manner, a lot of you might be wondering how and to what extent you've already been influenced.... The answer lies, not in questioning the processes involved, it's in practicing what I've so far preached.... In truth, we're simply following paths.... Paths that we are free to change at any moment of space and time. It's totally unto us to go ahead and change the keys to our doors.

I've worked on people; I've delved into their minds.... And yet, the despicable shallowness of the whole entity of my thoughts of myself are as yet, unrevealed territory to my self. My own mind has bound me as its prisoner.... In understanding and helping others, I've found that I derive gleeful pleasure, but in my own backyard lies the terrors that are unknown....

Once again, I find you wondering what it was about Male Chauvinism that so inclined me into raving about like this.... In truth, it was absolutely nothing. I don't see myself as a chauvinist at all. Infact, I see myself as a theoretician of psychological behavior today. Tomorrow, I could be a manipulator, the day after I could be a potential thought-vampire and so on.... All I can say for certain is that far from Chauvinist, I'm a simple ordinary run-of-the-mill type of guy.... I've just stopped for that moment and thought about myself and the things around me. In doing so, I've stopped and thought about a whole lot of other things.

In the end, I find I know virtually everyone else for what they are and what they are doing and why. What I don't understand today, is my own self. I'm too far-gone to be reeled in and netted. But far from evolutionary strides, I'm beginning to see how effective a single nod of the head can be in impressing someone's mind into deviating from the original scheme of things. Life is but a haze of evolved nothings.... One simply has to stop and stare.... The answer will inevitably lie at your feet. If you don't move, the world certainly will....

MCP simply got my thoughts moving. It could have been anything, but for me, this was the altercation that set me into my own flavor of deviation from regular Boy Scout to irregular interpreter. If you're thinking too much already, there's just one suggestion I have for you....

Rest, the answers are coming. If you keep moving, you'll keep avoiding them, a step ahead is not a good thing when viewed from every angle available....

I've seen something in some of the people around me.... If you know what it is, don't try to hide it, but I know that you won't tell me flat on my face either. I know you will never do that. It's not in your character or personality to frank-out after stepping so far out of the hot-air-balloon.... Think about it, I know I'm not going out on a limb here, There are some things that people can see even if it's not laid out in black and white.... Even reflections in shades of gray and monochrome can be answer enough.

Life is not easy; no one said it was.... But there's crisis brewing when you begin to make use of other people's assets.... All said and done, the best thing to do is to bury those ideas and circumnavigate your mind. Don't misinterpret your mind, it's the only thing that can't tell you a lie without you knowing that it's far from so....



P.S.: My apologies for the length of this post, I was'nt looking.... :o)
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