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Tonight, I'm looking at the past couple and a half days from the bottom....

Did'nt sleep last night. I met my uncle and aunt and their "cute little kids(!?)" this afternoon.... (I so hate kids! man, I'm going crazy!) Actually, The kids are'nt that nasty after all, Guess it's all in the genes that we happen to have in common....

From what I've seen in my short life, I've come to believe that genes don't really have as much to do with offspring turnout. It's more the environment that the kid has been brought up in and with....

Of course, there could perhaps be a slight urge in the genetic code of the subject in question, but I'd believe it would'nt really add up to much. In the long run perhaps it would manage to do some nifty gymnastics, but when you actually turn around and look at it, it's so miniscule a factor that it' easier to understand the phenomenon if you let go of it as a factor to be ignored.

Tarzan is a famous name around the world. Not that I recollect having anybody by the name of Tarzan on this planet but I mention this name cause it's an expert example of the effect of a persons environment on his/her outcome....

Why am I talking about genetic stuff here you ask me? Well, as I have often believed of myself, I'm an alien of strange mental logistics. I think weird. So if you think I'm going off my rockers out here, you most certainly are from Earth. lol! from the land of the unenlightened. ;o)

NEways, getting along with my story, I guess it's the genes doing something about me not taking an instant dislike to my cousins. :o) We might appear caustic at times, but that's temporary and it could'nt last longer than a couple of seconds at a time.

A natural bonding perhaps, with the ups and downs built in, but strangely, I find age to also be a deciding factor in the continuity of the relationship. The more you mature, the more laid back and understanding you are of other people's reactions. Getting to know someone can very often lead to better judgement of his/her reactions and you are at a better position to handle variances in mental profiles and psychologically ingrained habits that might have crept into the system.

This is my journal so I'm talking the kind of shit that I sometimes do with myself... :o) What liberty!

After a good load of catching up on family events and other seemingly uninteresting phenomenon, I bid my farewell and when to to have a quite hour of peace and self reflection at Sillicom (da guys who deal in CisCo Routers and Switches....) I built upon a few of my emotional qualities in that hour after which I went off with Prabal (a friend of mine) to Nehru Place (the biggest computer related market in India I believe!) to meet up with a few hedge weeds and scan the place for the latest price tags around.

A ride back to my Net Abode (afore mentioned friends cyber cafe). Snarled out a couple of Pomes to the tune of gathering warmth within my heart. I went out with afore mentioned friend and his (so called) just friend. :P They always insist that I tag along with them wherever they go.... I'm not much of a show and tell guy and hence, I am not surprised that I feel so awkward every time I'm with them in the open.

Whatever the case, I finally came back here and got a looooot of my backlog cleared up.... Spoke to one Gorgeous lady.... She's got this rare ability to perk up my mood no matter how burnt out I might be.... So NEways, I was as it is half broken up cause of my pathetic mood and tiredness.... And with a night full of sleeplessness behind me, I Was sure feeling like the world was squeezing me right out of it's tube when this Angel kinda drops in and lifts me up an inch at a time.... :)

It's funny (not funny - 'ha ha' but funny - 'strange') how just the presence of a person can make a major impact upon your energy levels.... :) I've long since given up wondering exactly why this happens, but it happens and I can't help myself.... I'll write about this stuff later I guess, It is indeed an interesting phenomenon that requires some attention. :o)

The day before all this, I woke up at 5:30 am in the morning, wasted a load of time on Mortal Kombat 4.... Then Got a message that I had a repeat Viva. My mom was leaving for Hyderabad and I missed out on my good byes! Nasty examiners!!! Yetch!

The day was otherwise rather boring.... That's apart from the fact that I was off to the Danish Embassy to speak to a couple of contacts there. They're with the Danish Daily and very very lovely people. And the lady is one helluva cool female!! No qualms whatsoever. The guy though, happens o be cooler and I have a lovely time every time we people meet up.

Talking about virtually anything and everything under the sun (EXCEPT FOR CRICKET!) cause I made such a big fuss about how much I hated that game the last time that I went over. lol!

Life's a bitch, someone's gotta tell her that or she'll be bitchy all the time!!

I'll sign off now, Life's too short to spend all of it out of bed and in your journal. ;o)


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