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On Sandy....

It's amazing how some people tend to bend their thoughts and interpretations of reality to mould to their understanding of the world around them.... Over the past couple of weeks, some of the things people dread, have come to haunt my reality.... Or perhaps I should say, what I perceive by my self as reality.

Time has permeated gradually through the narrow sand-gap of now in the hourglass, the past contained in what's already fallen and the future in what's yet to fall. One thing I am certain about is that all the future will one day be the past. There's no stopping the forces of the sand, but there nevertheless remains the possibility of reversing the flow by means of flipping the minds perception of reality, one simply has to twist the eternal fate of gravity into a subatomic state of inverted field-flux to void perceptions forward interpretation.

Most of you might be beginning to think of what I've just said as rantings and ravings of a decrepit mind that's lost its bearings in reality. The fact remains though, that these very ravings are doing exactly that, they are avoiding the truth that pertains to the matter I'm currently pondering.

It's been established in my mind since the very beginning of the situation that Neither I, nor my references have anything actively to do with things as they stand. If anything, it's the sidekick-reactions of the perceiver that nods disapproval in direct refusal to understand reason that marks the situation for something that is far from is!

Whatever the case, I do know and realize that no matter what my sense of reality, true of false is far from existent in a general view concerning different individuals. If anything, we're all seeing what we perceive as either true, false or a homogenous mixture of the two. No one but the self can change that.... Think about this and ponder, chances are that one day, you'll understand that the directional disturbances in the flow that you perceive as of the current moment are in fact voided by the fact that reality is unto you as is fiction to the heart....

That's as my current sand-funnel stands....

Coming back to more mundane pictorials, here's what I've been up to of late.... That's apart from the mindless clatter that I've just portrayed into public rantings up there.

I've been thinking! Ha! Yes, I've been thinking over some very vast interpretations of human psychology of late. And having made no public admission of that fact so far, here's a sneak preview of sorts to get people expectant of my next 'big' post. :)

As my mind has been filling up with concern for my situation, I've realized that i am far from the only person who's been living my life with the thoughts that I have from time to time. In noted introspection, I have realized a lot of 'common truths' with regard to myself. And as I see it, it's also been an awfully long time that has passed since I last posted anything along my Living With Passion! post. Hopefully, assuming my calculations are correctly assimilated, my next post (which I hope you guys shall eagerly await) shall have everything to do with a general pet talk to those of you who might note a similarity with my perceptions of life as it thus lies.

I believe that we are all capable of taking our lives into our own hands and moulding it the way we please.... Either by action or through inaction. Either way, my words as they appear, shall simply be a (hopefully) motivational interpretation of stuff that you are already aware of but did'nt know existed until you see it for yourself.... I might take the time to point out that all I bare here is in actual fact, a section of my own reality, stripped of it's personality and displaying only the truth underlying my own (and I assume, everybody else’s) life(s).

Be myself thus condemned, I bid you a sandy parting....

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