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Taut by Tee, Deedle Dum, Deedle Dee!!

Having slept late, I rose from bed hardly 15 minutes from the precise moment that I climbed in and wandered aimlessly around the house....

Mom came to the rescue early morning, and gratefully, I accepted a piping hot cup of freshly brewed tea. Even after so many years, the habit of having my tea brewed in isolation with the milk, sugar and zappers coming separately, has yet not passed my days. :)

Sipping on tea, contemplating life and it's various refractory angles, I slipped into cool thought.... Expanding theories of matter and energy, the turbidity lashing against the decrepit shores of understated visions touching vaguely, but surely, the qualities that preach enlightenment.

Trapped in my soul is an animal I know I can never train completely, and yet, for what must seem like an eternity to lower species, I cease not my kaydeeyohs to achieve a stable barrage.

All this through the bland necessity that spews forth from constant mental stimulation. Acute throes of intellectual contractions cease my thoughts and I am suddenly of the opinion that I'm such a small speck, a miserable little atoms worth, in the vastness of pure understanding....

Staring into a point far from focused in reality, I prod at my thoughts, watching them ooze out like oil from a sponge, coagulating and gently, taking shape.... Grappling in envious delirium, I wonder anew....

It's what I make it out to be for myself that makes any difference, for in the end, it was foretold even before my stroke, that for mighty as the minds powers may be, I'm bound by bionic incredulity to schedule lethargy into slots of tables geared toward the rest phase.

Guardrails drawing clear-cut boundaries around my thoughts, I peer uncertainly, bewildered and reeling from the appearance of height thus inclined.... No mortal thought escaped those moments, I'm amute to coinage in simplicity. It's the simple that makes complexity what it is....

It's basically issueless, but at the end of the day, it's the heart that draws us along those reinforced tracks of moralistic justice....

Ask not for freedom, it's something you already have.... You have to learn to first find it, and then to flex it into its limitless expansion.... Glory shines on one who finds freedom from himself.... I'm a captive in my own mind!


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