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To Lie in Passionate Affinity (pun intended!)

  • Feb. 19th, 2003 at 12:54 AM
In too deep, Brood
Another day passes by and I reel in it's activity!

A drink or two down the mangrove waters, and here I am, dispassionate and ever succeptible to the sadistic tendensies of ladies in red....

Flirt, but be tame, Say what you will, but cross not your limits for life does'nt end upon stepping off of the bar stool!

I figure that would someday be taken as quoted as a quote by some unknown person. I'm one of those silent inwardly sensitive and emotional guys. And I am as yet, just that, an unknown person. And so shall I remain....

So m,uch for self comentatory.

Had swigs of the forbiden liquid (you get me wrong, I mean liquor) and am still a bit high from the dosage. :o) Was an interesting episode tho. Was talking to one of my friends collegues who happens to run a Media Editing facility here in Delhi. We got into script writing and went all deep and thorough into script writing and the movies. :P Interesting I must say. Imagine a movie to be released on the spur of the Kalyug (Indian term for when the axis of teh Earth is supposed to switch meridians!) and the story is regarding a conspiracy between a Rich Industry Mogul, a middle class babe, her boyfriend and one of this rich moguls sons from one of his earlier wives. (All of who decided to die of natural causes!)

Now, this gal has a 7 year relationship with a poor young lad, He's finantially poor see, but she really loves the sucker. Pressure forces her to marry the Industrial Mogul. The poor lad (aka ex bf) is all distraught, but realises that he can't help it and nor can she.... (Parents make awesome decisions! Ah-ha!)

She marries the Mogul and lives on..... Nine months later, she's preggers and the mogul is thrilled to fits! He does'nt realise tho that the ex BF happens to be da dad! Nor does the ex-bf either. He never had sex with her, but she's the intelligent variety who knows about artificial insemination or something and she uses her ex-bf's spermatozoa to fertilize her ova! BF finds out only a short while before she's ready for delivery. He comes over to see her and she's already commited to him over the phone that "My love lives and dies with you!". (silly gal!) He comes to meet her cause she's said it's okai to come and say hello sometime. but the PA happens to be a devotee of a la Mogul! And she twists things around saying that there's someone wanting to see you and he's waiting outside..... The door is slightly ajar and in a fit of anger, and asuming it's someone of no importance, says she's in no condition to see anyone. ex-BF hears this exclamation and feels down and out. He leaves immediately without a word and is later found to be dead.

The Heroine (a la middle class gal) decided this is the end and gets an abbortion done. (apparently so commited to her word about "My love lives and dies with you" that she figures that the kid is better dead than alive or some crappy indian movie shit like that!

She figures out later though that he did'nt just die, he was killed. Suspicion falls on the Mogul. He had a tiff with the ex-BF just before his death about him beiing her past and the Mogul being the present and that ex-BF should'nt be meddling in his life! Mogul-ji happens to be a swift talker and somehow consoles the female with some shit like "If you think I killed him, then here, take my life (pressing knife into her palm) if you don't, then forget it!! She finally agrees but does'nt agree and lives on.... (confused? Read on....) ;o)

She goes to the church where she commits all ther sins to the priest. Turns out the priest happens to be the son of on of the Moguls previous wives! The Priest (aka Father) takes a hysical attraction for the heroine. :o) Cool! He's a man of god tho so he believes and hence, keeps himself in check. He's anti-Mogul-Dad cause his ddad has changed wives so often and has been so rich and he thinks his dad is just a guy who likes playing with women.... which by the way appears to be the most likely train so far.... The Father slowly falls deeper and deeper into the heroines life and finally gets physical..... She's also in love with the Father so It's a mutual affair.....

They have sex, and she's preggers again! (These ladies! shit!). The Mogul believes a second time that the child is his. Hehe! NEways, the story goes on till there's a mess and The Heroine is about to giev birth and stuff..... She's a couple of hours from delivery when she calls for the Father. :) he turns up and they talk in private. She gives him a choice. if he wants the matter to stay secret, she's to die if he is okai with it ll in the open, she lives... (enter: Hindi Movie Dramatics! lol!) he's gotta make a big decision here you see. Cause he's apparently a man of god and he lives for society, not for himself. and if this matter comes out,he's in a mess. he wants both but is confused....

He chooses to use the kid to live to inherit the Moguls empire and hence cause revenge of some wierd sort upon the Mogul! (no clue, hindi stuff again! lol!) she says he can't have both and he sas it's teh only way.... too late, she's gotta be operated. (it's a sizearian!) so she's operated and they find twins (no ultrasound! see! lol!) one apparently the Fathers child and the other by his Dad, the Mogul! they each take up a kid and the female dies in the background (exit: the Heroine! hehe!) both guys are shocked! Neways, scene shifts to the moguls residence after the funeral or whatever.... the PA na dthe Mogul are discussing something. (enter the Father) The mogul asks the PA why she got the ex-BF killed! Turns out it was her business and within the Moguls interests to get rid of him! The father is shocked cause he thought all this while tyhat teh Mogul was the one wo got the ex-BF klilled! (He stares shocked...!) the PA goes on to say that all the upsets that have happened were within her profile and it was all her doing.... The father here intervenes and begs for forgiveness from his Dad, the Mogul! The Mogul tells the father that he's hiding something and he'd better get it out of his system! So out comes the whole truth, the ex-Bf killed by PA, so were all those natural deaths of his previous wives, and The father was teh dad to one of the Fraternal twins....! Whoa! They both feel bad about the whole situation and see the matter as it actually stands....!

Do you think that's a movie worth watching? baah!

Finally though, thge Ex-BF is integrally fine, so is the Heroine, so is The Father and so is the Mogul. (Who btw has willed everything of his to teh Twins!) The story ends with no one being aquitted and the PA goes free and un accused cause after all, it was in her Job profile and interests to p[rotect this entire situation.


No curses!



(Anonymous) wrote:
Apr. 4th, 2003 06:00 am (UTC)
u can't expect to be spared from the curses after giving such a long & confusing stupid story!!!
angiasaa wrote:
Apr. 6th, 2003 11:55 pm (UTC)
Re: ????
Such confusion is for the children of low mental integrity my anonymous friend. :o)

You must realize that The story was not mine. as has quite plainly been disclaimed in the beginning of the post. :o) That all aside, it's my Journal after all. :oP I write not for the world around me but for myself.

These are captured moments of mental time-frames, They last fractions of seconds at a time, While I cannot hope to catch every inch of it here, I capture as much as I can.

To explain the confusion in my dialogs, I would expect it logical that you read my works with a mindset of either an observer or a higher intellect than myself. It pays that way....

I almost always _almost_ speak in metaphors....
It's a bad thing maybe, but here,m I'm just what i am, take me or leave me, It's what I am and What I refuse to hide....

Kaydeeyoh. :o)
(Anonymous) wrote:
May. 13th, 2003 04:59 am (UTC)
Re: ????
You are very offensive sometimes.

Well, if somebody critices a story, it doesn't mean he is criticising YOU.
And the worst thing anybody can do to himself is change himself according to the people around him.
And you are very good as you are.

No offence was intended in my comment.

angiasaa wrote:
Oct. 3rd, 2005 07:37 pm (UTC)
Re: ????
u can't expect to be spared from the curses after giving such a long & confusing stupid story!!!

Say it correctly the first time then. Don't say "U" when you don't mean it.
subtle_blues wrote:
Oct. 1st, 2005 04:23 am (UTC)
Do you think that's a movie worth watching?
and I think the movie, if ever made, would start another religious feud.. u see .. a Father having sex with a Mogul's wife.. are u kidding?? :o)

he he..
angiasaa wrote:
Oct. 3rd, 2005 07:38 pm (UTC)
I know, but it's pretty much the next step to the Gawd-awful saas-bahu serials we have these days on TV. :o)