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Life Atlast!

Awreiy, Bin a painfully iky day,
Skipped a post last nite,
Some people are so rough on the nerves,
Whoa! where am I?

Okai. Let be begin with yesterday. Me as usual, get back to bed at about 10:00 am. Finally, some fitfull sleep dawns upon my weakened eyes, and I bluster on to sleep....

Delhi BTW is a cold place right now, so I'm like all curled up in bed right. This guy 'cooper' (who btw is a Surd of the lowest order) turns up at 11:30 am and trys to get me outs bed. Me el refusal excudeth! Tel him "man go fs*k 'round sumplc els cause I wanna get sum shut I C!" Well, he goes all hush for a bit but wakes me a half hour into the silence. (He's been keeping himself busy by smoking every last square inch worth of lungspace out of his anatomy) "Wha's yer Admin passwd?" Ewww yuk! I give him the darn thing and the buster can't type it out so me goes and types the bloomin thing into the machine and let him float around my capatious reams of pr0n0. He's done I guess for he decides to hit up xmms aka winamp. Now, being one of God's greatest critics, I happen to have one awesome sound system and this buster ain't no dream man, he likes hittin it dry and steppin up da Volume. The bass kinda starts ripping layers of bedclothes off the bed and I holler him to cut it out see and he is a nutsie so he lowers teh bass but increases the volume. I'm pissed okai and dying to sleep. I leap outa bed, eyes flaming (they're terribl;y red okai) and run a key combo (*chuckle!*) on the board. :) standstill is bliss. hehe. he sits in silence for another two cigarettes and then leaves the same way he came. :o)

I sleep fitfully after he leaves and finally get to this place. My hard drive is connected, I'm online and I update the mainpage of My Web Site. Now, Shashank (a friend of mine) had his B'day teh day before and he came back so drunk he could'nt even pronounce his own name without stuttering! So he's celebrating it today. He turns up late and there's this huge aka 'HUGE' cream filled Cake. As happens at the worst of times, of all the things we made sure we had handy, we forgot the fs*king knife!!!! So well, it's gettin late and we gotta cut the cake so Shashank produces his finger and figures it's okai to molest the cake with it. He cuts it open and we start singing that Customary Birthday Song (I forget what it's called now!). Two ticks later, he slimes someones face with that finger of his and there's cream cake all over the place. I'm a victim of facial indiscrimination and whilst still uploading files am disfigured without fear of reciprocation!

There happen to be a couple of females at this "midnite party" see and they expect us to drop em home. One babe ofcourse is dropped off by Belated B'day Boy and the other decides to cling by my side! Don't take tension yo, She's doing all that clinging for a reason. :) She happens to live ten yards from my place and she wants me to drop her off. Yeow!

NEways, I drop her off for courtesys sake and waddle on to my own place. Stick around all nite and finally fixed a display error with the 'div' tags on my main page. (did you know that precicely misaligned nested div objects commit to only partial refreshal on the display unit when you have another div object in the same nest that happens to be a XOR color overlay below it)

I sleep finally at 11:00 am. EeeWww!

Wokai then me wakes up at 6:30 pm, has a hawt shower and dresses up for the daily night stand. I come over to find one charged babe hooting to hell and high water! She's my friends girlfriend (but he refuses to accept it!) He's the guy who wakes me up every day. :) and besides, he owns this cafe. :) NEways, after feilding her for him, We talk about all the crappy people of the world and call it a day. It's a tuff land man! This gal can't stop talking. Once she starts, it's a roll down the hill to all of eternity!

Good riddance!

Whoa! It's 01:44 am now, and I'm thinking of coffee! Darn! I guess I'll just have to skip over to Barista for that dase of caffiene! :o) *chuckle*

My poor 'ol buddy lihkin does'nt seem to be much of alive these past couple of days.... I think someone's gotta give him a good shakeup of sorts! Dude, I'm dropping in at Hyderabad around the 1'st of next month okai. So grease those cogs and churn some healthy life into your system.... Get your ass online man!


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